Sweet, quiet, and lovely. These words are often used to describe five-year-old Robin from our foster care program in Guizhou.  Each month, we enjoy seeing the happiness that exudes from her face in photos!


Robin spends much of her time with her two-year-old foster brother, Clyde. Though Robin and Clyde are not biologically related, they both have been diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, a genetic disorder which causes premature fusing of the skull bones and fusing of the fingers and toes. Read more.

Chinese New Year Notecards

The Year of the Sheep (also known as the Year of the Goat or the Ram) is just around the corner! In 2015, Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, begins on February 19th.


This year, we are offering a set of five custom notecards in the design shown above in honor of the Year of the Sheep.  What a perfect way to send Chinese New Year wishes to family and friends! Proceeds will benefit children in need in LWB’s programs. Read more.

Adoptee Wisdom

Love Without Boundaries is not an adoption agency; however, many of the orphaned children with whom we have the privilege of working end up in adoptive families. We also are advocates for adoption when it seems to be the best option for a child in our care. Whether we are adoptive parents, friends of an adopted person, adoption professionals or simply curious, we may sometimes wonder: What do adoptees wish others knew about their experiences?


Here are just a few thoughts — some philosophical, some a bit more practical — from some older adoptees. Read more.

Tom: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tom is only a few months old and he’s had a rough start – but this little guy is a fighter!  At ten days, old, he had surgery for appendicitis. The surgery site then became infected, causing parts of his colon and small intestine to become damaged.


Another surgery removed the damaged areas and gave him a temporary colostomy so he could heal. Tom has been in the ICU since the surgery, which means that his family can’t visit him. Read more.

Jack: A Winter’s Song

Jack is a college senior in our Guangdong Secondary and Higher Education program, busy striving to improve himself while trying to figure out his place in the world.


He recently took time away from his studies to share with us a few insights into his life. Though Jack used to picture himself diving into the fields of arts or science, he says he now finds himself lured by the prospects of business. Through his studies in business classes, Jack reports, “I’ve learned to treat others with respect, actively communicate with others, and help others in their studies.” Read more.

Alan, Thriving in Foster Care

Five year old Alan is a busy and active little boy with Down Syndrome who has been thriving in our Shantou foster care program this year. Alan has such a sweet and happy spirit!


His favorite thing to do is to listen to music and dance. Alan is also quite the entertainer. Read more.



Weighing just 12 pounds at 14 months old, little Fabian came to us with blue lips and fingers and was having great difficulty breathing. His orphanage was very concerned about how weak he was and asked if we could help. Read more.

Look At Them Now!

Cleft-Exchange-collage-blue small

Thirty children had cleft lip or palate surgery eight months ago during our 2014 Cleft Exchange, and periodically we receive updated photos and reports on their progress. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of their smiling faces! Read more.

Grumpy Benjamin: Turning that Frown Upside-Down!

This sweet baby boy came into orphanage care when he was just a few weeks old, with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. It would seem that feeding attempts by his birth family were not very successful, as he was malnourished and dehydrated upon arrival. That furrowed little brow said it all…life had not been very easy up to that point.


After some initial lab work was done, Benjamin was moved to our Heartbridge Healing Home a couple of weeks later. Read more.

Life Skills Camp For Older Teens and Young Adults

Over a year ago, we began discussing the need for “Life Skills” training for the older orphaned teens who age out of the welfare system without being adopted.


We have been working with older teens and young adults for the last decade, and the reality is that many of them struggle when they first venture out on their own, as they have had limited experience with topics that parents would normally teach their kids. Read more.