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2014 LWB Cleft Exchange – Easter Sunday

Love Ward

Easter Sunday saw 20 children from around China arrive to Kaifeng in preparation for their cleft surgeries this week. The rest of our medical team also arrived from overseas, and the doctors quickly got to work making sure every detail was in place regarding the OR. Read more.

Celeste: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Thirteen-month-old Celeste joined us at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home in January, following surgery on her fragile heart.


While she was still recovering in the hospital, it was discovered that Celeste also suffers from a gastrointestinal defect called “megacolon.” Despite the best efforts of the medical staff at Heartbridge Healing Home, Celeste has been plagued by repeated infections and has been unable to gain weight. Read more.

Emergency Medical Fund

1kgpreemieOver the last eleven years, more and more orphanages have trusted us and depended on us to help their children born with medical needs.  In these cases, we first gather all of the important information about the child, have our medical advisors review their chart, and then we present their case on our website and advocate for funding. Once a child’s surgery is funded, we immediately make arrangements for them to move to the appropriate hospital.

However, some babies arrive into this world with conditions that cannot wait to be funded.  Children born with anal atresia, for example, often will pass away if they do not receive surgery within 48 hours of being found. Read more.

Jillian: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Jillian came to LWB’s attention late last summer. Her belly was alarmingly swollen, and she couldn’t absorb nutrition properly. LWB’s Medical Program arranged to have her rushed to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, where she was diagnosed with severe food allergies and a blood infection. The doctors prescribed IV antibiotics and a specialized formula called Neocate. Read more.

Friday Fun: A Little Trip Trivia

MiaoVillagechildsmallGuizhou foster mom and child

This week, three LWB team members from the U.S. are leaving for China to visit existing programs and to hopefully set up some new programs as well. They have a very busy itinerary which includes several different Chinese provinces. As you read about their trip, we thought it would be fun to challenge you with some trivia questions about these areas. Read more.

Carlos: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Carlos was born late last year with unilateral cleft lip and palate, as well as syphilis. He entered LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home soon after and was immediately placed in the hospital for treatment of his syphilis.


Weighing 5.5 pounds when he came into our care, Carlos has already gained nearly five pounds…thanks to the loving, patient care of our wonderful healing home nannies. Carlos has a very wide palate and feeding takes a great deal of time, but his nannies have carefully and patiently helped sweet Carlos to grow in preparation for having his lip surgery. Read more.

Adorable Drew


When he arrived at the orphanage, adorable Drew was six months old. An echocardiogram revealed this chubby-cheeked cutie was born with multiple heart defects: extrocardia, endocardia cushion defect, and pulmonary stenosis. Within a week he was in Shanghai for life-saving surgery. Drew recovered so well from his surgery that he was discharged less than two weeks later!
Read more.

Beautiful Nancy

In early 2009, Nancy came into our hands as a tiny newborn baby with cleft lip. Her orphanage had called us for help when she wasn’t gaining weight properly, and we quickly moved her to our Anhui Healing Home, where she weighed in at a whopping 2 kgs. on intake day!


Our nannies patiently got to work feeding and caring for her, and within a few months she had more than doubled her weight. That is when her sweet personality began to emerge. One of our favorite quotes from her special nanny said, “When she smiles, she smiles gently…just like the ripples on a peaceful lake caused by a falling tree leaf.” Read more.

Wisdom Wednesday: What is Congenital Syphilis?

Although we see babies with all types of health problems, until recently it has been relatively rare for us to take in a baby with congenital syphilis. However, in the past year we have seen multiple cases of this and wanted to explain what it is and how it is treated in the babies in our care.


Syphilis is of course a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum and is on the rise in many countries around the world. If a woman contracts syphilis during her pregnancy, then there is a 60-80% chance she will pass the disease to her unborn child if she does not receive treatment. Sadly, untreated syphilis in pregnant women results in infant death in up to 40 percent of cases. Read more.

A Village for Steven

Today we are making an emergency appeal for little Steven, who is currently in the ICU in Beijing battling for his life. We hope you will read his story and want to be a part of his healing as well.

11.28.13 Steven

In June of 2013, sweet Steven came into LWB’s care. He had the most angelic little face but an angry, fresh surgical scar on his tummy. Steven had been born with anal atresia, one of the most feared special needs in China. Our staff could tell his birthparents had tried to help him with surgery, but most likely the hospital they used in his rural city didn’t know the best way to help him. Perhaps the fear of not being able to provide the medical care he needed led them to abandon him. Read more.