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Pei Through The Years

Pei is a beautiful little girl who has been in LWB programs since she was just a tiny baby. When she first arrived to her orphanage, we enrolled her in our nutrition program so she could get the high quality formula she needed to thrive.


We followed her progress closely, and her nanny reported that she was a very curious little baby who loved to watch everything in the room. Before we knew it she had grown into a very healthy and active toddler. Read more.

Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joseph is a lovable, friendly, and helpful boy at LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang School and has Down Syndrome. This 10-year-old boy always has a smile for his teachers and classmates, which brightens up everyone’s day!


Joseph loves school and is always quick to join in. Read more.

Adventures and New Ventures in Lanzhou, Gansu

LWB recently opened a Believe in Me school program inside the Lanzhou orphanage in Gansu province.  A team from the U.S. visited the school in late March, and we thought you might like learning a bit more about this region and our newest project.


As you fly into Lanzhou, you can immediately tell you are in an area very unlike the more populated eastern part of China. As far as you can see are brown, treeless mountains, fronted by a landscape which initially looks like desert.  Once on the ground, however, you realize that the ground is not sand, but instead a powdery, dry silt. Of course this region was part of the famous Silk Road in China and so has a long and interesting history. The mountains are dotted with caves, which served as homes to many people during the 1950s to 1970s.
Read more.

First Days of School at BIM Lanzhou

Emily at workbenchLanzhousmall

Our newest Believe in Me school in Lanzhou is up and running! After several months of hard work that included training teachers and setting up classrooms, the school officially opened on March 3rd. Read more.

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Today, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. In the past few years, we have cheered as we have seen China submit adoption paperwork for more and more children with Down Syndrome.  These precious children now have the chance to live life as part of a loving family…a family who will help them to realize their true potential and love them for the wonderful people they are.


On this day of celebration and awareness, we are featuring some of the gorgeous waiting children in LWB programs who just so happen to have that extra special chromosome: Martin, Alan, Joseph, Niamh, and Luke! Read more.

Friday Fun: A Little Trip Trivia

MiaoVillagechildsmallGuizhou foster mom and child

This week, three LWB team members from the U.S. are leaving for China to visit existing programs and to hopefully set up some new programs as well. They have a very busy itinerary which includes several different Chinese provinces. As you read about their trip, we thought it would be fun to challenge you with some trivia questions about these areas. Read more.

Joyful Jackie Needs Our Help

Jackie big smile

All of us at LWB have closely followed a little girl named Jackie who has been a student in our Believe in Me orphanage school program for many years. To say this little girl radiates joy is an enormous understatement, and everyone who has met her in person has been touched by her huge smile and sunny personality. One thing that everyone notices right away when they see Jackie, however, is that she is absolutely blue – a deep cyanotic blue from being born with heart disease. Read more.

Tyrone: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tyrone is a 22-month old boy who is on the go!


He has been attending the toddler class at LWB’s Believe in Me  Huainan School. While he was previously having trouble meeting his milestones, he has begun to catch up quickly. He loves to crawl everywhere and is pulling himself up to stand. He is practicing walking in the walker, and we know he will be walking on his own soon. Tyrone is due to have his cleft palate fixed during our upcoming Cleft Exchange Trip, after which he will join LWB’s Huainan Foster Care Program. Read more.

A Lifetime of Smiles In Action!

Brushing teeth is something most of us take for granted.  In an orphanage setting, however, dental hygiene comes with challenges most of us wouldn’t even consider.


Last year, the teachers in one of our Believe in Me schools told us that the students’ breath was so terrible that it was difficult to get close to them to teach and interact with them. So, we initially thought of how simple it might be to provide toothrushes. However, in discussing this plan with medical experts, we all understood that we had consider the conditions in an orphanage setting, since universal precautions may not be followed.  Some children could have conditions such as hepatitis, which can be spread by bodily fluids. Read more.

Belle: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Belle is a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program. At 11 years old, Belle has a lofty goal. She plans to achieve top ranking in her class this semester. She decided on this goal after dropping from first ranked to second ranked last semester. Whether first or second ranked, we are proud of Belle. Read more.