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The Top Ten Photos of 2015

Each year, our friends and supporters help us select our favorite photos of the past year.  The votes are in, and we are absolutely thrilled with the photos that YOU have helped to choose as your Top Ten Photos of 2015.


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Prayers for Luna

Last month we learned about a baby from southern China with complex heart issues. Her orphanage had arranged for her to be seen in Beijing, but the surgeons there felt the little girl was inoperable, and so with that very sad diagnosis, they sent her back home.

luna orphanage

LWB is fortunate to partner regularly with the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, and so we offered to have Luna seen by the expert heart surgeons there. She arrived to the hospital extremely weak, struggling to feed because even that simple act would exhaust her. Read more.

Estelle’s Fighting Spirit

In late September, we were contacted by an orphanage about Estelle, a newborn girl whom they had just received who had to be rushed to the local hospital.

Estelle found 9.15

Estelle was suffering from severe pneumonia, which can be life-threatening in a newborn, as well as an esophageal deformity. Read more.

Who Will Be In Cornelius’ Corner?

Cornelius has one of the most distressing diagnoses that we know of for an orphaned child in China:  biliary atresia.

Cornelius 11.2.15

Biliary atresia is a life-threatening condition in which the liver’s bile ducts do not have normal openings. Without a properly functioning liver, Cornelius will need a liver transplant, something which is extremely rare for an orphaned child. Read more.

Healing Transformations

On social media, Thursday is sometimes a day to reflect on transformations. Before and after. Then and now. This Thursday, we want to share some of the amazing changes that have taken place with children in our healing programs this year.

Callie_2015-03-22 (4) (1)

Tiny Callie, for instance, was found on a cold February morning weighing just over three pounds, and her orphanage immediately called us for help. Read more.


About three weeks ago, we learned of a little boy with Down Syndrome who needed immediate help. The photos we saw showed a seven-month-old baby who looked more like a newborn. His furrowed brow and skinny arms touched our hearts, and of course we agreed to do what we could to find out why he could not gain weight. His orphanage allowed us to move him immediately to the hospital for testing and IV nutrition.

Auden 9.15

The testing we did showed that Auden was unable to process normal formula due to a severe allergy, so his body had become extremely weak. Due to his compromised state, he developed an infection and high fevers. Read more.

Laurel and Her Dad

Last month, we shared the story of Laurel, a very ill seven-year-old girl who lives with her parents on the Tibetan Plateau.

Laurel 9.22.15

A first surgery to correct Laurel’s congenital birth defect left her in a great deal of chronic pain. Given the opportunity to get help for their daughter through our Unity Initiative, her family literally climbed over a mountain to give her the opportunity for a second surgery (see the blog, “Climbing Mountains for Laurel“). Read more.

Kennette: Still She Fights On

The name Kennette means ‘extremes’…extremes in fortune, health and spirituality; the bearer of this name is said to either enjoy great success or suffer abject misery.

Kennette intake 9.28.15

Born just a few weeks ago, baby Kennette has more than fulfilled the ‘suffering abject misery’ portion of her name…and still she fights on. Read more.

Saying “Yes” to Baby Daniel

At 3:00 in the morning, an orphanage in Anhui province received a tiny bundle. When they took a closer look, the baby in their care had likely been born less than 24 hours ago.

Daniel 9.18.15

They also noticed that he had an abdominal issue that was beyond what they could handle, so they called us to see if we could help. Read more.

Climbing Mountains for Laurel

Two days after her birth, Laurel’s parents knew that their tiny daughter needed immediate medical care. They brought her from their remote home on the Tibetan Plateau to Bomi County to see a doctor who told her parents that she had a congenital birth defect which required immediate surgery. Unfortunately, the local hospital was unable to do anything to help her. Her parents took her to two additional hospitals in a desperate attempt to help their newborn daughter. Because she was so young, the local doctors were afraid to attempt surgery and so they sent her family home to survive as best they could.

Laurel parents 8.15
Read more.