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Following the Red Thread to Qianxi, Guizhou


We love how our supporters’ red threads sometimes weave their ways into our work, often helping many more children in the process.  Last year we were contacted by a family who was adopting a child from an orphanage in Qianxi, Guizhou.  In one of the photos they were given, they saw an older girl with an unrepaired cleft lip, and they wondered if LWB could possibly help.  Read more.

Adventures and New Ventures in Lanzhou, Gansu

LWB recently opened a Believe in Me school program inside the Lanzhou orphanage in Gansu province.  A team from the U.S. visited the school in late March, and we thought you might like learning a bit more about this region and our newest project.


As you fly into Lanzhou, you can immediately tell you are in an area very unlike the more populated eastern part of China. As far as you can see are brown, treeless mountains, fronted by a landscape which initially looks like desert.  Once on the ground, however, you realize that the ground is not sand, but instead a powdery, dry silt. Of course this region was part of the famous Silk Road in China and so has a long and interesting history. The mountains are dotted with caves, which served as homes to many people during the 1950s to 1970s.
Read more.

Jillian: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Jillian came to LWB’s attention late last summer. Her belly was alarmingly swollen, and she couldn’t absorb nutrition properly. LWB’s Medical Program arranged to have her rushed to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, where she was diagnosed with severe food allergies and a blood infection. The doctors prescribed IV antibiotics and a specialized formula called Neocate. Read more.

PT Exchange: Building Skills, Confidence, and Independence

Lives were changed forever during our 2010 Physical Therapy Exchange.  Just look at this boy’s excitement as he receives a walker of his very own, allowing him to walk independently for the first time ever!


In less than two weeks, Love Without Boundaries’ 2014 Physical Therapy exchange will commence, and we hope to experience once again the joy that is written all over this boy’s face. Read more.

We’re Drooling For Your Bibs!

Theo 4-19-12

With our 2014 cleft exchange quickly approaching there are many details that need to be finalized. The end result — dozens of sweet children receiving cleft surgery from experienced medical staff — is definitely worth all of the careful planning. This surgery will be life-changing in so many ways. Not only will the children have fantastic new smiles, but they will also be better able to eat and drink , which gives them a chance to get the proper amount of nutrition in their little tummies for normal growth and development. Read more.

The BebePod Project

Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. A little thing like a BebePod baby seat can change a child’s entire daily experience. A BebePod can help give children in an orphanage a chance to spend more time out of a crib everyday. From a seated position, children can better work on fine motor development.


When a group of children are seated together, they can interact with each other, or a caregiver can interact with a group of children. Read more.

Making Our List: The 2014 Cleft Exchange

Much like Santa and his elves, our Cleft Exchange Team is busy working behind the scenes making their lists and checking them twice. Preparing for a week-long trip in which dozens of children will receive life-changing surgeries to repair cleft lip or palate is no small undertaking.

Dr. Ness babypile

There are lists of children to receive surgery. There are lists of team members, nurses, doctors, coordinators and other volunteers traveling from around the world to meet in Kaifeng. There are lists of supplies needed to have the best possible outcome for each and every child: sutures, specialized bandages, and cleft bottles. Read more.

Miracle In a Can: Preemie Formula

Special Formula

Miracle in a can. That is what preemie formula is for preemie babies. Preemie babies who were not quite ready to come into the world, whose tummies can’t process regular formula yet, whose little bodies struggle. In many cases, preemie formula is the key to helping a preemie baby gain weight and strength and continue to fight. Read more.

With the Deepest Gratitude

suz2Today I want  to publicly thank one of our amazing volunteers – Suzanne Damstedt.  I first had the honor of meeting Suzanne by phone back in 2006, when she was in the process of adopting an older child helped by LWB.  At the time she was the mother of six children, and she was trying to learn everything she could about adoption.  I still remember that phone call because her kindness and genuine nature came through in every word she said. I was so happy when she and her husband brought their daughter home, and they have now adopted three older children from China. Read more.

Coats for Kids: LWB’s Featured Project


School is beginning. Fall is approaching. And the cold winter months are just around the corner! At this time of year, many parents start thinking of buying warm clothing for their children to keep them warm when they are outside. Many children in China, however, do not have central heating in their homes, orphanages, or schools and must wear their winter coats both outside and inside throughout the day in order to keep warm through the winter months. Read more