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Cornelius: What Will His Future Hold?

This past month, we’ve been sharing quite a bit about baby Cornelius, a little boy who has completely grabbed onto our hearts.

cornelius santa hat

Cornelius was born with biliary atresia, a life threatening liver condition. Several weeks ago he had the Kasai Procedure, which is the only surgical option available to stop damage to his liver. This operation is successful in around 40-60% of babies. As you can see in these photos, Cornelius’s eyes and skin are still quite yellow and jaundiced post-surgery, which indicates that irreversible liver damage is still a sobering possibility. The harsh reality is that in order to live, Cornelius may need a liver transplant…and before he can have a liver transplant, he will need to be adopted internationally.


Cornelius has spent a great deal of time in the hospital and is very popular on his floor. The parents of other kids on the ward love to gather around him, and even like having their photos taken with him.  Due to his always happy personality, he has many fans in the hospital cheering him on!

Cornelius laughing 12.2.15

Yesterday, many people on the ward gathered around once more and started dreaming about Cornelius’s future. One woman told us that she is sure he will be a great pianist because of his long fingers. Another said he will be an athlete because he is tall and strong. It was so nice to hear their plans for him, and of course we truly want this little boy to have a future and a chance to realize his dreams.

cornelius hand

Cornelius is such an alert little baby, holding eye contact well and turning his head to listen intently to voices. He is also very strong. When he is held, he loves to push his head out so he can look around.  If not for his yellow skin and eyes, it would be difficult to believe that he is even sick.

cornelius blue hat

Cornelius’ nanny is quite attached to him now and told our volunteer that she thinks his eyes are big and beautiful, just like his well-shaped ears. Doesn’t she sound like a proud granny?


Cornelius is almost ready to discharge from the hospital and will be coming to stay with us in one of our healing homes. His orphanage in Guizhou is quickly preparing his adoption paperwork, as they also fully understand that his only chance at life will come through being adopted.

Cornelius hat 12.2.15

What Cornelius truly needs is a family who is already done with their paperwork who would be able to get to China as quickly as possible to bring him home for the medical care he needs.  Cornelius’ finding ad, a required document for international adoption which shows that the orphanage has attempted to search for his birth parents, will be finished in early January. His file will be sent for adoption as quickly as possible after that.

cornelius smile

Please join with us in hoping and praying that a permanent family for wonderful Cornelius will indeed be found!

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