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Harlow’s Chance for Sight — And a Family

Four-year-old Harlow suffers from limited vision. Staff at her orphanage in Anhui noticed that she often scratches and rubs her eyes and seems to be uncomfortable. When she recently had her physical so that her paperwork could be submitted for adoption, doctors diagnosed her with severe congenital glaucoma.

Sadly, Harlow was unable to receive treatment for her eyes when she was younger, and there is a chance that her vision may be permanently affected.

Doctors tell us that she is a candidate for corneal transplants, but before that can happen she needs immediate surgery to give her any chance to have vision when she is older.

One piece of good news that we have now about Harlow is that she is currently available for international adoption. The benefits of having a family to love and care for her, whether she has sight or not, would certainly be completely life-changing for this little girl who has waited for so long for care. We hope that the adoption community can rally around this little girl to give her not only a chance for a family, but a chance for restored sight.

Anyone with adoption-related questions can email our Adoption Advocacy Team at [email protected]

Please share Harlow’s story to help us raise funds for her eye surgery and to raise awareness that she is waiting for adoption!

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