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Kaden: No Photos, Please!

Kaden is a very shy boy who lives in the Deyang orphanage in Sichuan Province who has just celebrated his third birthday. He really doesn’t like having his picture taken…can you tell? He entertains himself very well and is somewhat reticent around strangers….even strangers who come bearing food! From this gallery of photos that our China nutrition program director has taken of Kaden over the past year, you can really see how camera-shy he is. We did manage to capture one photo of him smiling as he plays in the water!

Despite his bashfulness, Kaden’s curiosity is alive and well, and he is quite interested in any visitors to his orphanage…even if he doesn’t want to pose for a picture. His special need is that he appears to be deaf, which may have quite a lot to do with his quiet demeanor. ┬áKaden is going to be evaluated this month to see if surgery could possibly help him regain some degree of his hearing, and at this time he is wearing a hearing aid.

Finding a family who is willing to help Kaden communicate better despite his hearing impairment will undoubtedly make a real difference in this little guy’s life. Kaden is currently on the waiting child list, and we look forward to someday soon receiving smiling photos of him with his new family!

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