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Perry, Jared, and Nate: Boys Will Be Boys!

In an orphanage in Foshan Shunde, Guangdong ,where LWB has an Orphanage Assistance program, live some great little boys whom we would love to see “being boys” in their own families!  Active.  Happy.  Mild. Mischievous. Smart.  Smiley. Sweet. Tough.   We’d like to introduce you to three wonderful boys!

Perry, who is all tuckered out in the above photo, is a very sweet boy with a mild personality who will soon be turning two years old.  He always has a smile on his face, especially for his favorite nanny.  One of his favorite friends, who slept in the crib next to him, was recently adopted, and Perry was very sad for several days.  His  nanny tried to explain to him that his good friend now has a family, but it still took a few days for him to have a smile on his face again.


If Perry has a new toy in hand — especially a ball, his very favorite — the only thing that can make him stop playing with the toy is food.  His special need is that he is missing one ear.


Next, meet Jared.  Jared is an active and happy eight-year-old boy. He likes to sing and plays with the other kids in his room and is a good helper to the nannies.  Because some kids in his room have speech difficulties, the nannies sometimes have trouble understanding what they are saying.  Since Jared has been with them in the same room for a long time, he can understand these kids very well and acts as their translator!  His special need involves some muscle atrophy in his legs.  Jared is very smart and loves studying and reading books with stories with pictures.  Currently he is in a class in the orphanage where he has lessons in classical poetry, among other subjects.  Jared is also quite the singer.  Whenever the orphanage has a performance for festivals or holidays, he is the star of the show.  Look out, Justin Bieber!


Last but not least, meet Nate.  Nate is not a talker and is quiet most of the time…but that doesn’t mean he isn’t active!  He likes to play with the other children and can be very tough and mischievous.

As is often the case with kids sharing toys, sometimes there are scuffles.  When Nate is involved, he frequently comes out with the toy he wants.  His nannies report that if a child is crying over a toy that they lost in a scuffle with Nate, the nanny will talk with Nate about what has happened.  Usually, Nate, holding the toy tightly, stands silently and listens to the nanny. Then after carefully considering the nanny’s words, he walks over to the crying child and shares his toy with a shy smile.  Isn’t that sweet for a four-year-old boy?

Boys will be boys, of course, and then they turn into men.  What will these boys and future men become?  A family can offer so much to each one of these little guys!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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