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Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Today, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. In the past few years, we have cheered as we have seen China submit adoption paperwork for more and more children with Down Syndrome.  These precious children now have the chance to live life as part of a loving family…a family who will help them to realize their true potential and love them for the wonderful people they are.


On this day of celebration and awareness, we are featuring some of the gorgeous waiting children in LWB programs who just so happen to have that extra special chromosome: Martin, Alan, Joseph, Niamh, and Luke! Read more.

The Sanmenxia Olympians

The children of Sanmenxia Foster Care have been getting into the Olympic spirit!  Susie is ready for the shotput event and seems to be taking it rather seriously.

Susie resized
Read more.

Treasure Trove

Here at Love Without Boundaries, we are keepers of treasure. Besides the children in our care, we safekeep another treasure trove — the photos and histories of children who were in our care but have since been adopted. This treasure is one that we don’t wish to hoard, but to share!


JingJing came to us with heart disease. We helped with her surgery and then placed her into foster care in Henan province where she absolutely thrived. Photos of her shopping with her foster mom and looking like a princess always made us smile. JingJing went on to live with her forever family, but they have never contacted us. Read more.


One of my wise friends posted the following on her Facebook page last week: “Some days it seems like bad news yells and good news only whispers.” Isn’t that the truth? Our society LOVES a good scandal, and bad news is the stuff of major headlines. For a topic like international adoption – trafficking, rehoming, and corruption will always make the New York Times. Parents trying their best, kids just being kids, and the thousands of successful families formed through adoption rarely get a mention.

Under my friend’s post, someone had left a wonderful comment. It said, “Remember to listen to the whispers.” I think we forget at times to stop and do just that. There are such terribly sad stories each day in the news, both in our backyard and overseas, and so it’s easy to think that everything about our world is going to heck in a hand basket. I’m grateful that I’m in a position with my work to see that there are countless small miracles and loving people out there that unfortunately the world just doesn’t ever hear about. Parents and children and volunteers and donors – going about their days as quiet heroes, trying to do the very best they can to lift each other up.

Many of you might remember when we posted about a wonderful boy named Ben who needed an adoptive home. He had been born with cerebral palsy, and he had watched almost all of his friends get chosen by families. Ben jumping He had reached the age of 13, just one year short of aging out of the adoption system forever, when a family in the US knew he was supposed to be their son. Ben was adopted just days before his 14th birthday. I recently got this photo from his mom now that he has been home for six months – and oh yes, I immediately burst into happy tears.  Read more.

Jing Yang: From Foster Care to Forever Family

For the past eight years, we watched a little girl named Chloe grow and thrive in the heart of our foster care program in Lu’An. So imagine our great joy at finally seeing this kind, sweet-hearted twelve-year old finally meet her forever family this past month!


Chloe now goes by her given Chinese name, Jing Yang. Jing Yang’s mom writes this about their adoption experience so far: Read more.

Matched (Or Home) in 2013!

One of the highlights of our year at Love Without Boundaries might be putting together this annual piece.  It brings us so much cheer to see the faces of all the children for whom we advocated on this blog who have been matched with forever families!  Some of these children have already joined their forever families, while others have that joy ahead of them.  Please join us in wishing these children all the best in their lives ahead!

Julian crop 10.13Julian

Read more.

Meet Miss Meghan

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, LWB is posting a series of blogs about adopting a child with this special need.  

meg home 2

“Aren’t you terrified your child will have Down syndrome?” Those were the first words my friend asked me when I told her my husband and I were expecting our first child. I was slightly taken aback; the possibility hadn’t really struck me – and if it had, well, Down syndrome seemed like such an easy disability to face.
Read more.

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month.  Throughout this month, LWB Community will be be featuring several families who have adopted children with Down Syndrome.

Kelly Loudi resized

Today, however, we want to show off some of the beautiful children with Down Syndrome in LWB’s Foster Care Program who are thriving in a family setting. Read more.

Michael’s Journey

Michael, from LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program, was recently adopted! Throughout his journey with us, he continually amazed us with the amount of progress he made in terms of his health and development. He is truly a fighter and overcame so much in his first two years of life.

Michael beginning FC

Michael first came into LWB’s care at our Henan Healing Home because he was diagnosed with a rare condition called “cleft trachea.” Read more.

Blossoming at Bethel

Many of our supporters might have heard of a wonderful charity called Bethel China.   Bethel is located outside of Beijing and is dedicated to helping orphaned children who have vision issues.  They are based on a small farm, with foster homes and a school on the same property. It is surrounded by countryside, where they grow their own vegetables and have chickens, goats, dogs, and horses.

walking home from school

Recently, Bethel contacted us to see if any of the children in our programs had vision issues who might benefit from their education and life skills opportunities.  We are very excited to report that three LWB children were accepted into their program! Read more.