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Waiting Still For Families of Their Own

There is a person who needs you. This is your chance. ~Mother Teresa

John's heartJohn: $2,000 LWB Adoption Assistance Grant

In honor of National Adoption Month, we would like to shine the spotlight on some beautiful children in our programs who have been waiting for families of their own for far, far too long. Please share this blog far and wide in the hopes that their photos and stories will touch the hearts of family looking to grow their family through adoption! Read more.

Big News for Julian

Julian 5 We have some very exciting news about Julian, from our Hunan Foster Care Program: he now has an adoption grant of over $5,000 available on Reece’s Rainbow! Read more

Doing Somersaults for Fynn!

Love Without Boundaries is excited to announce a wonderful blessing! Fynn, whom you may have seen in our blogs Big Brother Fynn, and Wishing for Fynn a Forever Family, now has a $1500 grant towards his adoption.

Fynn Grant Photo

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Birthday Boy Victor

The last time we wrote about Victor (in “V is for Victor“), he was timid and seemed a bit sad.  When a stranger was pointing a camera at him trying to get a good photo, he had a difficult time staying calm and we saw an anxious little boy.  Well, just look at him now, celebrating his fourth birthday right in the midst of all of the other kids at LWB’s Believe in Me School in Changzhi!

Victor’s transformation is great news.  We also have some other great news to share:  Victor is the recipient of an adoption grant of $4,308 through Reece’s Rainbow. Read more.

An Extremely Generous Adoption Grant for Ben

Many of our readers will be familiar with Ben, a sweet and wonderful boy who has been featured on our blog a number of times, including the blog, “Waiting a Decade for a Family to Call His Own”.

Ben is thirteen which makes him very close to ageing out and no longer being eligible for adoption. There is one final push in place to see if a family can be found for this boy who is beloved by all who meet him. His orphanage has agreed to waive the entire donation, and an extremely generous adoption grant has been added to the $2,000 LWB grant already in place. Read more.

John Waits

John is a child whom many of us have watched grow up.  Part of our foster care program in Anhui since 2008, we have seen monthly reports on him for many years, and LWB volunteers have met with him on numerous occasions when they visited his village.  He has truly grown into a boy who is full of fun!  John has been on the shared list for several years now, and he also is the recipient of an adoption assistance grant.  Boys are typically chosen for adoption less frequently than girls (see Amy Eldridge’s blog post, “The Adoption of Boys“).  Despite this, and despite the fact that with each passing year John’s chances of being adopted become slimmer, we hold onto hope that an incredible family is out there for this special boy.

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An Adoption Grant for Ben!

Some generous donors have stepped forward to provide a $2,000 adoption assistance grant for Ben, the 13-year-old boy recently featured on our blog (“Ben: Waiting a Decade for a Family to Call His Own“). Ben is close to aging out, and these donors want to help him find his family before it is too late. Ben’s orphanage has also agreed to waive half of the orphanage donation fee, making it just $2,500!

In addition to this good news, we also have some short videos of Ben to share. Read more.

A Victory for Victor!

Due to the compassion expressed for Victor after our blog post about him several weeks ago (“V is for Victor”), we have established a grant for his adoption. Currently, Victor’s adoption grant is $1,000, but donations will be accepted on his behalf to make this grant grow.

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Zane: Call Him, Maybe?

Our hearts melted when we saw these new photos of Zane, a regular rock star here on LWB Community! We can’t imagine how a boy with as much personality as Zane is still waiting on the shared list to be chosen by a family for adoption. However, we can imagine him singing something like this to his imaginary family as he waits and waits to be chosen:

I threw a wish in the well
Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell…
Hey — I just met you,
And this is crazy,
So here’s my picture (and my adoption file)
So call me…maybe?
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Zane’s Adoption Grant Just Doubled in Size!

When Zane was found as an infant, he had blue lips and breathing problems. A doctor told the nanny at his orphanage that he most likely would not live past five years old. Under the watchful and loving care of his nannies, Zane lived to five years old and beyond, but doctors still told them that his heart defect was too complicated for surgery. Yet still, Zane fought to survive. He was nine years old when he was noticed by our medical team, and LWB Spain raised the funds to provide him with surgery that healed his heart. Read more.