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Sponsors Needed for Olivia and Jennifer

Are you looking for a way that you can really make a difference in the life of one specific child?

Olivia 9.15

Many people have a heart for orphaned children but are not in a position to adopt. One meaningful way that you can become a part of a child’s life story and change their lives for good is by becoming a foster care sponsor. Read more.

The Moon Festival: A Time for Families

Across China this past weekend, families celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, second only in importance to the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year) celebrated earlier in the year. September 27 was a full moon, and for this reason the day is often referred to as the “Moon Festival”. It is a time for families to reunite and enjoy being together.

Benjamin 8.15
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Wisdom Wednesday: Why Don’t More Foster Families Adopt?

Every month we are fortunate to receive many wonderful photos of foster children in our programs getting lots of love from their foster parents. These images bring a big smile to our faces and receive many positive comments by those who view them. However, sometimes these photos raise this question: “If the foster family loves the child so much, why don’t they just adopt him?”

Foster Care gift blog
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Wisdom Wednesday: Transitioning from Foster Care

As a foster care coordinator and someone who has adopted a child who was fostered, I often field questions from parents about how best to prepare themselves for adopting a child who was in foster care.

Grace from Huainan

Even the most prepared parents can find themselves caught off guard by their children’s behavior. Read more.

Lilah: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

We are so happy to be able to help support lovely Lilah in our foster care program in Lanzhou. Lilah is a ten year old girl who has hydrocephalus. She has lived with her foster family for awhile now and is very bonded to her foster parents and younger foster sister.

Lilah Maiana 8.15

With the support of our education program, Lilah will hopefully be attending school for the first time! Read more.

Two Countries, Two Families, One Goal: Love for MJ

We were matched with our son, MJ, in October 2014.

MJ QiandongnanFC 4.15

Shortly after that, we learned he was in the Qiandongnan foster care program through Love Without Boundaries. We were so happy and thankful to hear this news. Read more.

Jenn’s Story of Triumph

Back in December, 2014 we were called by a rural orphanage in central China who had just discovered a tiny newborn outside their gates. Jenn, as she came to be called, weighed just two pounds, and she was left on one of the coldest nights of the year.


Miraculously, she somehow found the strength to survive, and we rushed her urgently to the nearest hospital with a pediatric ICU. She was diagnosed with both hypothermia and prematurity and began a true fight for her life. Read more.

The Benefits of Foster Care For Our Daughter

We will always be grateful for LWB’s foster care program and for those who sponsored our daughter Xindan, known to the LWB community as Danielle.

Xindan 10.12

During the first year of her life, foster care provided Xindan with a home where she was loved and nurtured. She benefited from the commitment and continuity of care her foster mother, extended family and community provided. Read more.

Celebrating Foster Care

Foster Care anagram

During the month of September, LWB celebrates Foster Care!

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Catey and Ander, Thriving with Special Formula

When a child enters our foster care program, we are concerned with all aspects of their development including how they are growing. Foster care managers visit the children in our programs once a month, and we can closely track their development.  Last spring, our foster care managers and coordinators noticed that Catey and Ander, who had already had cleft repair surgery, still weren’t gaining weight, and so they contacted our Nutrition program for help.

Catey 4.15Catey in April 2015

Sometimes children continue to have difficulty feeding even after surgery. When this happens, we turn to special formula to make every drop count. Read more.