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Foster Care Is About Family

With Chinese New Year approaching, this is a special time in China. Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday of the year, and families look forward to spending time together and welcoming the new year with many exciting traditions and feasts.

Alan Chinese New YearAlan in front of Spring Festival artwork

When we think of the celebrating taking place, it warms our hearts to know that children in our foster care program are celebrating as part of a family, as family traditions are so much of what this wonderful holiday is all about. Read more.

Jimmy: A Portrait of Determination and Courage

Jimmy 9.15

Despite his age, thirteen-year-old Jimmy is one of the newer members of our foster care program in Sanmenxia. Five months ago, Jimmy left the only home he knew, his orphanage, to live with a foster family so that he could attend public school for the first time. Read more.

Phillip: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

When Love Without Boundaries met Phillip, he was welcomed into our Heartbridge Healing Home feeling pretty lousy. Heavily jaundiced and suffering from a bad cold, Philip wore a deep frown most of the time.

Philip at intake

After just a few weeks of nanny love, nourishment and a chance to recuperate, Phillip started feeling much better. He learned to cry when he wanted to be picked up and cuddled. He learned that it was safe to make eye contact, intently looking into his nanny’s eyes when she spoke to him. Read more.

Luke Is On The Mend and Waiting For a Family

For most of his life, Luke has been a part of Love Without Boundaries’ programs. He started out in our Nutrition program when he was just a baby and then moved into our Education program when he was three years old.

Luke 2011

Luke is now seven years old. In December, his teachers told us that he was struggling to catch his breath and that his lips were turning blue when it was cold. After an evaluation at Hefei Cardiac Hospital, doctors told us that Luke needed immediate heart surgery. Left untreated, the Tet spells he was having could possibly be fatal. So Luke put on a brave face and smiled before his surgery. Read more.

Goodness Wins

Fireworks night sky

As 2015 comes rapidly to a close, many media outlets are running summaries of the year.  One of the things my family noticed yesterday is that so much of the reported news was about tragedy.  I know many of us who are parents wonder how the continual “news of the bad” is impacting our children.

A few weeks ago, I took my kids to a major theme park in Florida, and as hundreds of families like ours were climbing aboard the tram to the main entrance, my 11-year-old looked around and said, “There isn’t enough security here. This is the perfect place for a terrorist attack.”

It hit me so strongly that this is the reality of our children’s thoughts now.  They go to school and do “intruder drills” to prepare for the worst, while the internet and 24/7 news make it almost impossible to shield them from things we wish they didn’t have to see.

It would be easy to fall into the mindset that the world is completely going downhill. Read more.

Be the Match For Tyler: Love In Action

We adopted our son Tyler in May 2014.

Tyler Terrell 2014Tyler in LWB foster care, where he was known as “Terrell”.

He was very ill, but we knew he was our son and we were overjoyed to finally have him home. While he was in China he was known as “Terrell” and lived with a foster family in LWB’s Fuyang foster care program where he received the medical care he needed and was blessed to be in a loving family environment. Read more.

Healing Homes Hope and Joy

We hope these faces full of hope and joy from our Healing Homes program will warm your hearts today!

Landon Santa 12.15
Read more.

Blake: An Adoption Story

Blake’s story is a wonderful example of the precious work that LWB does and how much kids can overcome when loved and nurtured! If we had met Blake when he first came to Heartbridge (and was known as “Henry”) in Spring 2010, we probably would not have adopted him due to his severe delays and scary diagnoses.

Henry 3.10

At 21 months old, “Henry” could not sit unsupported and weighed only 16 pounds. In addition to his heart defect, an MRI had shown “mental retardation” and hydrocephalus, and caregivers questioned if he would “ever be able to live independently”. Read more.

Matilda: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Matilda — a girl who really knows how to wear a hat!


Just nine months old, sweet Matilda is living in Tongren, Guizhou province. Her foster family makes sure that she is snug and cozy whether she is inside or outside. and it would appear that she has a number of stylish beanies to keep her head warm. Read more.

Why I Volunteer: Love In Action

International Volunteer Day was this past weekend, and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the over 165 volunteers who make it possible for LWB to do what we do — help and care for orphaned and impoverished children in China.  Sidney, Laurie, and Sandi share their thoughts on why they spend their time and talents volunteering for LWB.

Sidney girlsSidney and her daughters

More than once every day I see news come in about the children we are lucky enough to help, and I just have to stop what I’m doing and feel: Feel amazed, astounded, humbled, joyful. I’m often moved to tears, most of the time because my heart is soaring, and yes, occasionally because it is breaking.
Read more.