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Following the Red Thread to Qianxi, Guizhou


We love how our supporters’ red threads sometimes weave their ways into our work, often helping many more children in the process.  Last year we were contacted by a family who was adopting a child from an orphanage in Qianxi, Guizhou.  In one of the photos they were given, they saw an older girl with an unrepaired cleft lip, and they wondered if LWB could possibly help.  Read more.

Precious Pearl

Pearl is, like her namesake, beautiful, rare, and precious.


And very much like a pearl, she is a hidden treasure of the Waiting Children Program. Six years old, Pearl is living with a loving foster care family in Guizhou, but she is still waiting patiently for a family to call her own. Read more.

Friday Fun: A Little Trip Trivia

MiaoVillagechildsmallGuizhou foster mom and child

This week, three LWB team members from the U.S. are leaving for China to visit existing programs and to hopefully set up some new programs as well. They have a very busy itinerary which includes several different Chinese provinces. As you read about their trip, we thought it would be fun to challenge you with some trivia questions about these areas. Read more.

PT Exchange: Building Skills, Confidence, and Independence

Lives were changed forever during our 2010 Physical Therapy Exchange.  Just look at this boy’s excitement as he receives a walker of his very own, allowing him to walk independently for the first time ever!


In less than two weeks, Love Without Boundaries’ 2014 Physical Therapy exchange will commence, and we hope to experience once again the joy that is written all over this boy’s face. Read more.

LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2013: Time for Lunch

Now it’s time for a drumroll as we proudly share our supporters’ favorite photo of 2013: Time for Lunch!


Overwhelmingly our supporters voted for this gorgeous photo of Belen as our #1 photo of the year. Belen was in our foster care program in Guizhou Province. This little girl loved taking hikes with her foster grandpa and especially loved noodles! Always outgoing and funny, we looked forward each month to hearing about her progress. Belen was adopted last May, which was such a joy. Sadly, however, we have not been contacted by the adoptive family, so we have been unable to share the wonderful pictures and stories we have about her. Read more.

LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2013: Foster Sisters

Coming in at number seven is a photo of foster sisters Alli and Lucia from our foster care program in Guizhou Province.


Alli, the oldest, was a bit disappointed when her foster sister arrived to her home last May, as she liked having her foster mom all to herself. Two days later, however, she was totally happy with baby Lucia and became the best helper to her foster mom. Read more.

A Family’s Letter of Thanks

Dalang 7-16-13  3

We recently received this moving letter of thanks from the family of Dalang, the baby we featured in our blog earlier this summer, “A Father’s Plea for Help”.
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Yong is Coming Home!

Late last year, we learned about a very special little boy named Yong with a rare facial tumor who was orphaned in Guizhou.  His orphanage had tried to get him help at several hospitals in China, but they were told the surgery was just too complex.  His orphanage director contacted LWB to see if we could possibly help him, and through the kindness and compassion of people all over the world, the funding needed for him to have surgery in Los Angeles was  raised.  Shortly afterwards, however, we learned that Yong would be unable to come to the U.S.

In April, I met Yong and his wonderful foster family in Guizhou.  They told me that his tumor was growing so rapidly that he was losing his ability to eat solid foods.  Read more.

Guiyang Foster Care

When I first got actively involved with charity work in China, I kept hearing about a wonderful foster care program in Guiyang, Guizhou which was supposedly one of the largest foster care programs in that country.   Over the years, we were contacted by many foster families there who hoped LWB could  provide medical care, such as heart surgeries, to the children they were caring for.   We were always happy to help.  As those children were adopted, I would often hear from their new parents about how loved their children were in foster care.

This past April, we finally met in person with the heads of this program, a married Chinese couple who have been fostering children since 1999.
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Meeting Yong

The third day of our trip found us waking up in a Buyi minority village in Kaiyung County. 95% of Buyi people live in Guizhou, usually in river valleys. As you can see from the photos, they favor two and three story houses, made of both stone and wood, and walking through the village was a very peaceful experience.
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