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Vote For LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2014!


Every year, we receive thousands of photos of children in our programs.  Whether they are in the hospital receiving medical care, in our healing homes, living with a foster family, attending school, or receiving extra nutritional support, our managers in China document their progress and lives for us so that we can share their news with their sponsors and our supporters. We recently went through thousands of photos to bring you our favorite 33 photos from 2014.  Now, it’s up to you to help decide which of these should make our annual Top Ten Photos of the year! Read more.

Emergency Medical Fund

1kgpreemieOver the last eleven years, more and more orphanages have trusted us and depended on us to help their children born with medical needs.  In these cases, we first gather all of the important information about the child, have our medical advisors review their chart, and then we present their case on our website and advocate for funding. Once a child’s surgery is funded, we immediately make arrangements for them to move to the appropriate hospital.

However, some babies arrive into this world with conditions that cannot wait to be funded.  Children born with anal atresia, for example, often will pass away if they do not receive surgery within 48 hours of being found. Read more.

Rob: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Rob is a new arrival to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home (AHH), but he is not new to LWB. Rob just arrived from LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home, where he put on his first five pounds in just a couple of short months. Sometimes our healing home bed planning involves moving babies to the home that is nearest to the best medical care for their needs. Rob swapped with another baby for exactly that reason, and we are all delighted to welcome him at AHH. Read more.

LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2013: Shane and His Nanny

Coming in at number three in our Top Ten Photos of 2013 is Shane and his adoring nanny.


Shane came into our hands at our Anhui Healing Home when he was just one month old. Born with a bilateral cleft lip that made it difficult for him to eat, our patient nannies soon had him drinking milk like a pro. Read more.

Give What Counts

LWB has just launched our year end campaign: “Give What Counts.” If you didn’t receive a year end letter, you can read it here.


The idea came to me when I was listening to a woman tell me that she dreaded the holiday season because all of her family members were so hard to buy presents for. I believe her exact line was, “I guess I’ll get my dad another nice golf shirt even though he has about 50. What do you buy for someone who already has everything?” Of course I told her that I had lots of ideas for what she could buy her father that would actually have real meaning on Christmas morning, such as the chance to go to school for a child in poverty or good baby formula for a child in a healing home. Read more.

TeamLWB in the Marine Corps Marathon

This past weekend the weather was perfect for Team LWB to race in the 6th Marine Corps Marathon!  TeamLWB was small this year, with only six runners making it to the start line.

Team LWB 2013

Although we always have some attrition due to schedule conflicts or injuries, this year’s team was the smallest yet. However small, this group of fundraisers was a mighty band who raised over $12,000 for Healing Homes! Read more.

Creatively Making a Difference

Sometimes we are surprised and delighted at the creative fundraising efforts undertaken on behalf of the children helped by Love Without Boundaries.

Incubator Faith

Recently we heard about a daughter and father team who dreamt up a very “fun” fundraiser.  For Father’s Day this father asked his daughter Emma to donate money to a charity instead of giving him a gift. She decided she wanted to honor him with something different, and she wanted it to be BIG.   Read more

Merry Marieli

During the 2012 LWB cleft exchange, Marieli had cleft palate surgery.  She was a particular favorite on the cleft trip, receiving lots of cuddling from the American and Chinese volunteers.  The doctors blogged about Marieli and her surgery, and you can read all about it here.  After surgery, Marieli recovered at LWB’s Henan Healing Home where she was adored.  In May, she graduated from the Healing Home into foster care.

Marieli bow Med

From the cleft exchange trip, we remember a curious and engaged little girl following our volunteers around to see what they were doing. We were so excited for the next adventure that we hoped lay ahead for her:  Adoption. Read more

Darling Dominic

Look at sweet baby Dominic.  Dominic has been in the care of our Starbridge Healing Home for one month now and we are very concerned about him.  He is 3 months old and has a serious heart defect, causing him to struggle to get enough oxygen into his little body.  This gives his skin a bluish appearance and has us very worried.

Dominic 4 rev

When Dominic first came to SBHH he was a very fussy little boy and very somber. Read more

One Tough Peanut

In early June, LWB opened our newest project in Henan province: the Starbridge Healing Home.  One of the first babies who came into our hands there was a tiny little girl who had truly struggled during the first five months of her life.  When she arrived at our center, she weighed just 2 kg.  In addition, she had a cervical meningocele which appeared to have broken open.

Peanut 1

We nicknamed her “Peanut,” and we realized that the odds were definitely not in her favor. However, we were grateful we could love her and hold her and try our best to get her the medical care she needed. Read more