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Cleft Exchange 2014: Getting Ready

Cleft-Exchange-collage-blue small

This week, all of the team members for LWB’s next international cleft surgery exchange are leaving for China. The babies and older children will start their journeys to Kaifeng this Friday as well, most arriving by train but a few coming by plane since they are from provinces far away from Henan. For a lot of them, it will be the first time they have left their orphanage, and our team will be waiting to give them the warmest welcome possible. Read more.

Ready for Cleft Surgery!

Surgeries begin one week from Monday on our 2014 Cleft Medical Exchange!  We would like to introduce you to some of the children who will be having surgery.

Winston 3.13.14smallWinston

Little Winston entered our Anhui Healing Home when he was a newborn.  Now four months old, Winston has gained enough weight to have his cleft lip surgery.  Winston is attached to his nanny and cries when she leaves his sight.  He recently learned to roll over and likes to play with toys that make noise.
Read more.

PT Exchange: Building Skills, Confidence, and Independence

Lives were changed forever during our 2010 Physical Therapy Exchange.  Just look at this boy’s excitement as he receives a walker of his very own, allowing him to walk independently for the first time ever!


In less than two weeks, Love Without Boundaries’ 2014 Physical Therapy exchange will commence, and we hope to experience once again the joy that is written all over this boy’s face. Read more.

What in the World is a Cleft Exchange?


You may have heard the buzz about the 2014 Cleft Exchange, which will take place April 21-25, 2014 in Kaifeng, Henan.  If you are new LWB supporter, you may wonder what the excitement is all about.  And we are more than happy to share so you, too, can join in the excitement! Read more.

Daniel Can

Every month in Daniel’s foster care reports there is one word that is never used: “can’t”. It seems there is nothing that this animated five-year-old boy in our Henan foster care program cannot do!

Daniel 10.13

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Daniel is said to be jumping on one foot, standing on one foot for long periods of time, jumping off three stairs, and playing football! Read more.

Bobby, Brimming with Imagination

Creative and imaginative would be two words to describe Bobby, a handsome four-year-old boy in our Henan foster care program.


Bobby loves to participate in imaginative play with or without other children. He will use cars, pictures of animals, and dolls to set up his “house” and his pretend family where he is content to play for hours. Read more.

Anthony: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program has expanded recently to take in six new children. Anthony is one of these new children. He is nearly 17 months old and is described as a healthy little boy. Our manager made his first visit this month to see this little boy and reports that he has become very attached to his foster mother. Read more.

Our Volunteers’ Visit to Kaifeng

Beautiful Kaifeng was the next stop on our volunteers’ journey. Known as one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China, it is a lovely city to visit in Henan province. Our volunteers Arlene, Sidney, and Barbara had a full day visiting the Kaifeng orphanage, seven children in foster care, the Starbridge Healing Home, and then dining at a typical Hot pot restaurant.

Kaifeng temple

After a four hour drive from Sanmenxia, we arrived in Kaifeng. Bright and early the next morning we started out by visiting the recently renovated Kaifeng orphanage. Our first stop was the pink toddler room where we were greeted by many adorable faces. Read more.

Visiting Sanmenxia Foster Care

In October 2013, three LWB volunteers visited foster care programs in Henan and Anhui provinces.   Today we want to share a few photos and stories from their visit to Sanmenxia, in Henan province (northern China).

Love Without Boundaries has had a foster care program in Sanmenxia for several years now.  However, it was growing smaller as more and more children in our care were adopted (a good problem to have!)  Orphanage officials asked us to a meeting to discuss expanding the program to include new children.

Sanmenxia SWI

We met with the directors of the orphanage and met many children they wished could be considered for LWB foster care.  Read more.

Michael’s Journey

Michael, from LWB’s Sanmenxia Foster Care Program, was recently adopted! Throughout his journey with us, he continually amazed us with the amount of progress he made in terms of his health and development. He is truly a fighter and overcame so much in his first two years of life.

Michael beginning FC

Michael first came into LWB’s care at our Henan Healing Home because he was diagnosed with a rare condition called “cleft trachea.” Read more.