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Rob: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Rob entered LWB’s Anhui Healing Home at the beginning of this year. He had an unrepaired cleft lip and palate and also a hernia. Read more.

Friday Fun: A Little Trip Trivia

MiaoVillagechildsmallGuizhou foster mom and child

This week, three LWB team members from the U.S. are leaving for China to visit existing programs and to hopefully set up some new programs as well. They have a very busy itinerary which includes several different Chinese provinces. As you read about their trip, we thought it would be fun to challenge you with some trivia questions about these areas. Read more.

Five Beautiful Before and Afters!

In November, five children traveled to Shanghai to receive free cleft lip and palate surgeries at Fudan Hospital.  A month before, Fudan contacted us to offer children in our programs these free surgeries to celebrate the opening of their new charitable organization, Bestway.  We scrambled to line up the children in time to travel, knowing this was a wonderful opportunity to receive very quality repairs.

Grace and Tony before

One of the major stumbling blocks we faced was finding caregivers to stay with the children in the hospital.  Grace and Tony came from an orphanage in Guangdong Province where we recently started an education program, and there weren’t enough nannies from their orphanage to send on the trip.  Read more.

First Day of School in Huainan

The first day of school — what a thrilling time of new beginnings and possibilities!

1st day school

For these precious little ones in Huainan, last week was the first day to leave the orphanage and go to kindergarten outside of the Believe in Me school. With the hard work and dedication of our Huainan team, we were able to convince the orphanage to allow these children to go to school – real public school – with their peers. Read more

Summertime Fun in Huainan

Daisy-2 (1)

Summer is the season for children everywhere. For the children in LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School, it is break time from the routine, accomplishments, and strides of the school year. Longer periods of outdoor playing, field trips, and summertime haircuts are in store. Daisy is one of those children who loves summer. Read more

Life Skills: Shop, Cook, and Enjoy!

Love Without Boundaries is excited to announce that we are in the process of developing a brand new initiative within our Education program: Life Skills and Community Bridging.  This program is being created to help older children who are no longer available for adoption gain the critical every-day life skills they need to help prepare for life outside the institution. Last week, the program launched with five older children, all students in our Huainan Education Program.

All summer, they will work with a very special foster mom, who has a big heart and so much to offer as their mentor.  Read more

Keeping Up with the Huainan Kids

While in Huainan last month, we split our time between visiting the children in the orphanage and then those who are in our foster care program out in the community. We had brought lots of little treats to the kids in our orphanage school program: hair bows and flowers for the girls and planes for the boys.

Well, we quickly threw that plan out the window as ALL the kids wanted to look glamorous with hair decorations. They would come back again and again to get another flower or bow until they felt they looked just right. Don’t they look beautiful? Read more.

Visiting the Older Children of Huainan

The city of Huainan was the next stop on our journey.  LWB has been helping in Huainan for the last eight years through every program area we offer. The first evening we arrived, we took seven of the older kids from this orphanage out to dinner. I know that one of the things that weighs on a lot of adoptive parents’ hearts is what happens to the kids who “age out” of their orphanages. It is something we are continually thinking of as well, and through our Secondary and Higher Education program, we want a clear plan for every older child in our care.

There are many issues facing kids who have grown up in institutions. Without having parents to encourage them, many kids in orphanages fall far behind their peers in both grades and study habits.  Read more.

Waiting For The Helen Keller Moment

Rui Mei came home one month ago, a spirited little five year old, babbling away in Mandarin but not speaking a word of English. Since day one, I’ve been waiting for the “Helen Keller” moment, the turning point when her chatter would suddenly transform and we would be speaking English together. I compare it to Helen Keller’s breakthrough at the water pump when her teacher ran cool water over her hands, spelling the word w-a-t-e-r into her palm, and all of a sudden it made sense – every object had a name. Helen ran all around the house asking for names of things and by the end of the day had learned 40 words. Although I know learning English will be a gradual process for Rui Mei, I’m irrationally hoping that one morning she will wake up and the words will just start tumbling from her mouth.

Read more.

Qi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Qi! He is a sweet, tiny boy who just joined LWB’s Believe in Me Huainan School last fall upon turning age two. Qi is in a preschool classroom with other students his age. He is adjusting well to his new school and is making many friends. Qi’s teachers have worked hard to help Qi build his cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.

Qi stays busy exploring all of the things a typical two-year-old might enjoy, including dressing up in fancy costumes! Read more.