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Luke: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Eight-month-old Luke, who has Down Syndrome, entered LWB’s Loudi Foster Care program in Hunan province at the beginning of this month.


Although he had a full head of hair, Luke recently had to get a hair cut in anticipation of the hot summer ahead. Read more.

Jonathan, Still Waiting for His Miracle

Even miracles take a little time.~ The Fairy Godmother

Jonathan2 8.13

We knew Jonathan when he was part of our foster care program in Hunan. Read more.

Picking Flowers with Jonathan

Jonathan2 8.13

Jonathan always seems to happy! Each month when we see his foster care reports, he is smiling, laughing, playing with friends…and generally enjoying life. His sweet side appeared as well this month in these photos of him carefully picking flowers! Read more.

Zita: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Zita used to live in a family that everyone would consider very happy and normal. They laughed and loved and enjoyed good food. They were peaceful. All of that changed in 2010.


One day Zita’s father was in a very bad car accident and sustained serious injuries. Their family worried for his life. The hospital bills became so large that her family went into great debt. Read more.

Julian’s Grant is Growing and Growing!

Two weeks ago, we couldn’t wait to share the news we had just learned that Julian was the recipient of a substantial adoption grant from another organization who calls him Jimmy. In the last few days, we discovered that his grant has grown even larger. Now, the lucky family who chooses to adopt Julian could be the recipient of an adoption grant of over $7,500!

Julian 5

You can read more about Julian in our latest blog about him, “Big News for Julian“. Julian lives with a foster family in Hunan and enjoys spending time with an older neighbor who is wheelchair-bound. Read more

Big News for Julian

Julian 5 We have some very exciting news about Julian, from our Hunan Foster Care Program: he now has an adoption grant of over $5,000 available on Reece’s Rainbow! Read more

Baby, They’re All Fireworks!

Talk about Independence Day! We have amazing news to share about the Secondary and Higher Education program in Hunan. We are so proud to announce that all seven of our high school graduates passed their final exam this year with flying colors. Our students are shining brighter than fireworks! How wonderful to see their efforts at independence pay off in such a big way.

Read more.

Remembering Noah

Last summer Henry, a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program, had a burden on his heart.  Henry decided to contact LWB’s program manager and told him of his friend, Noah, a smart and determined 15-year-old boy who lived with his grandparents. 

Noah’s grandparents loved him and wanted him to fulfill his dream of attending school, but they were extremely poor and could not afford it. Henry even offered to give his friend his LWB sponsorship money to help, but it was arranged for Noah to become an LWB student as well. Read more.

Ruth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Baby Ruth was born this past winter in Hunan Province. Her orphanage contacted us to ask for help with her severe cleft lip and in caring for her. Thankfully we were able to place her in our foster care program, where tiny Ruth quickly started to gain weight.

Ruth has settled well into her foster home. She enjoys the hugs her foster mother gives her and likes sleeping in the cradle near her. Read more.

Jonathan Shines

Five-year-old Jonathan has been in our Foster Care Program in Hunan since October 2009, when he was just two.  We first introduced him in 2010 in the blog, “Endearing Jonathan”, when he was just beginning to walk.  As we have come to know him over the years, we have seen him maintain his sweet spirit and charming personality while developing confidence in many areas.  Jonathan is now a happy, enthusiastic boy who attends kindergarten.

It’s hard not to be charmed by Jonathan as he performs a well-known Chinese children’s song in the video below called, “Ni Wa Wa”.  This song is about a doll who has no mother or father — just like little Jonathan. Read more.