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Welcome Back to School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

As the West starts to get into the routine of a new school year, so do the children in our Believe in Me schools in China.  The LWB Education team is proud to welcome back all of our amazing teachers and students for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  With over 300 students in our schools, we are a very busy program and are extremely excited about what this school year will hold for our precious and amazing children!  Welcome back….

Changde Believe in Me School

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Carly & Tommy: Best Friends Waiting Together

Sweet Carly is a lovely five-year-old girl in the Believe in Me Jingzhou School. You may remember her from her introduction in March 2010 in the blog post “A Day in the Life at Believe in Me Jingzhou,” when Carly was the newest student in school. This precious young girl has cerebal palsy, but she doesn’t let that slow her down! She loves spending her days in school, where she plays with many fun, tactile educational tools such as the knobbed cylinders and triangle boxes. She spends lots of time reading picture story books and loves participating in arts and crafts. While Carly is shy around the teachers, she is a chatterbox with her friends. We have been told by our China manager that she is a smart little girl. Read more.

Joy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joy, this beautiful 14-year-old young lady, has autism and attends our Believe in Me Jingzhou School. For the first two years that Joy was in school, she refused to write, work on math or reading, and participate with arts and crafts. Then one year ago Joy had an amazing breakthrough. We all rejoiced when we received the update that told how this precious young girl had started to participate in class!

It wasn’t long before Joy was doing much more than coloring and crafts; this sweet girl was soaring in her school work… learning math and practicing writing! We are so proud of Joy’s success and how she has overcome so much in her young life. Without our Believe in Me schools, many of our children would never have the experiences or opportunities to attend any type of school. Read more.

Fun in the Sun with Tommy

This summer, Tommy and the students at our Believe in Me Jingzhou School enjoyed an outing to an amusement park and Kentucky Fried Chicken to celebrate all of their hard work. When we saw these photos of Tommy enjoying himself to the fullest on the carousel, we knew we had to share his fun with our readers!

According to his recent school report, Tommy has been improving a great deal in the classroom. His favorite subject at this time is math, specifically the Montessori “spindle box” activity. Tommy is a willing participant in class discussion and exercises and plays very well with his classmates. His teachers describe him as lively and optimistic.
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Tenacious Tommy

Nearly every photo we have of seven-year-old Tommy seems to show him playing with a toy or working on a puzzle! He certainly seems to be happily concentrating on the game in front of him in the above photo. Several months ago, we featured Tommy in the blog “Tommy Boy”. Tommy is from our Believe In Me Jingzhou school in Hubei province and has been on the shared list waiting for a family since October 2010.
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Tommy Boy

Tommy is a wonderful six-year-old boy who always has a smile to give.   For the past three years, he has been an eager student at our Jingzhou “Believe in Me” School in Hubei and loves to learn.   Recently Tommy has been working on his writing and math skills.  He particularly enjoys writing, as you can see here, and is doing well with learning his characters.
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Jo from Jingzhou

Even older girls love a field trip to the zoo! This photo of 15-year old Jo was taken during the Believe in Me — Jingzhou field trip to the zoo in March. Despite her epilepsy and severe seizures that sometimes disrupt her life, Jo is a very good student who works extremely hard. About a year ago, she had a medical setback and as a result has had to work extra hard to catch up academically. Her character writing is truly lovely. We really admire her perseverance and work ethic!

Jo is one of the children featured in our first annual “Sponsor a Child, Change a Life” program in honor of International Children’s Day. Just $20 a month would cover her school fees for Believe In Me so she can continue in this excellent education program. Please visit our website to learn more about her and other children just waiting for sponsors!
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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Last week, the children at LWB’s Believe In Me — Jingzhou school had a wonderful time at the Wuhan Zoo! This trip had been postponed for almost 6 mothns because of the H1N1 flu virus, so we are thrilled to see the children outside and enjoying the beautiful day and seeing all the great animals and critters!
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A Day In the Life at Believe In Me — Jingzhou

The Believe In Me School in Jingzhou, Hubei Province is a tiny and mighty program for students. Each day is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The mornings begin with exercises right after breakfast. Students wake up their bodies and then assemble for their morning meeting where they greet one and other and talk about what will be learned in school that day. For older students, mathematics and Chinese lessons are tackled first when they are fresh and ready for new ideas. Younger students enjoy playing with educational board books and developmentally appropriate toys while their older classmates work.
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LWB Loves Birthdays!

“I love the child I sponsor through Love Without Boundaries so much I want to know how I can send her or him a birthday present!”

One question that volunteers of Love Without Boundaries are asked frequently is how to send a birthday present to a sponsored child. Sponsors of children become quite attached to the child they receive quarterly reports of in a year. Sponsors pray for these children, hope for adoptive families for these children and above all desire that their sponsored child feel especially loved.
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