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Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joseph is a lovable, friendly, and helpful boy at LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang School and has Down Syndrome. This 10-year-old boy always has a smile for his teachers and classmates, which brightens up everyone’s day!


Joseph loves school and is always quick to join in. Read more.

Meigan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Introducing one of the newest students to join the Jinjiang Believe in Me School…Meigan!


Adorable Meigan is a two-year-old girl with mild cerebral palsy. She has adjusted very well to school and loves attending every day. Read more.

Welcoming New Students to Jinjiang Believe in Me

jinjiang curlers

The Jinjiang Believe in Me (BIM) School is something special.  Children with special needs who are unable to attend a regular public school participate in meaningful educational activities that allow children to grow both cognitively and emotionally. Jinjiang BIM teachers receive specialized training to help their students reach their full potential. Read more.

The Spirit of “Believe In Me”

Joshua, who has been a student in one of LWB’s Believe in Me schools, exemplifies the spirit of the title “Believe In Me.”


He has made many friends and mastered nearly all the social skills needed to be successful in a classroom. Additionally Joshua has accomplished basic counting skills and benefited from the program’s art and music projects.
Read more.

A Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 in China, and students at our Jinjiang Believe in Me School were treated to some special food and performances.

What a feast the children had for Children’s Day!  It was reported that they ate lamb skewers, shrimp, fried pork, chicken legs, fish, vegetables and fruits!  We are happy to think of the many FULL tummies that night and think it’s pretty clear from these photos how much they enjoyed their special food. Read more.

Meigan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meigan, a precious two-year-old girl, started preschool in LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang School just a few weeks ago.

She is very shy and was a little bit scared to begin her new “big girl” life, but we hope that she will settle in with ease as she gets to know her new teachers and routine. This beautiful girl is going to learn appropriate preschool manners, participate in art activities, and be exposed to writing and reading of Chinese pinyin. Read more.

Chinese New Year 2013 Red Envelope Campaign

In China on New Year’s Day (February 10th this year), children in families receive money in red paper envelopes, and celebrate with large feasts, festivals and lots of time with relatives. However, there are many children in China without families to celebrate with them. There are many children who will not feast, and in fact, many who are hungry every day. This year, to honor those children and make a difference in their lives, Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is doing a Red Envelope campaign to provide a New Year’s gift to an orphan. Read more.

Celebrating 2012

While we wish we could post the photo of every child we helped in 2012, we hope you will enjoy this much shorter snapshot of some of the joys of this last year!

In January, we celebrated our Unity Fund, which works to heal poor, rural children so that families can stay together.  HeQing’s father had no financial means to heal his precious daughter’s heart, and we are so grateful to our donors who gave her this second chance at a healthy life.  As you can see, her smile absolutely lit up the hospital ward! Read more.

Welcome Back to School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

As the West starts to get into the routine of a new school year, so do the children in our Believe in Me schools in China.  The LWB Education team is proud to welcome back all of our amazing teachers and students for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  With over 300 students in our schools, we are a very busy program and are extremely excited about what this school year will hold for our precious and amazing children!  Welcome back….

Changde Believe in Me School

Read more.

A Brand New School: Believe in Me Liupanshui!

We are so excited to be opening our eighth Believe in Me school in Liupanshui, Guizhou. This school will open in October after the new teachers attend Montessori training in Beijing.   These teachers also recently spent a full week at our Believe in Me Jinjiang School learning from some of our veteran teachers and seeing how a Believe in Me school should be run. We are proud of our schools and know the Jinjiang teachers were excited to be able to share their knowledge with their new colleagues. Read more.