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Adventures and New Ventures in Lanzhou, Gansu

LWB recently opened a Believe in Me school program inside the Lanzhou orphanage in Gansu province.  A team from the U.S. visited the school in late March, and we thought you might like learning a bit more about this region and our newest project.


As you fly into Lanzhou, you can immediately tell you are in an area very unlike the more populated eastern part of China. As far as you can see are brown, treeless mountains, fronted by a landscape which initially looks like desert.  Once on the ground, however, you realize that the ground is not sand, but instead a powdery, dry silt. Of course this region was part of the famous Silk Road in China and so has a long and interesting history. The mountains are dotted with caves, which served as homes to many people during the 1950s to 1970s.
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Giving Tuesday

What could be a better antidote to the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday than Giving Tuesday?  Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to helping others, and we have many ideas for making this a meaningful day.


One way to help others and help honor someone special to you is an LWB Gift Card.  For a suggested donation of at least $10, these lovely gift cards will help provide financial support to children in need across our programs. Read more.

Jillian’s Journey

Jilian 1In mid August, a tiny baby girl was found abandoned with an extremely bloated stomach.  She was taken to an orphanage in rural Anhui, and the staff there called LWB immediately. We moved her urgently to Anhui Children’s Hospital for testing, and doctors diagnosed her with severe malnutrition and blood poisoning.  They estimated her to be approximately 5 months old even though she weighed just 2 kg.  Little Jillian, as she was named by our volunteers, had a long road ahead of her to survive.  She was immediately given blood transfusions because of her extreme anemia. Read more.

Foster Care Nutrition

Young children are so busy growing and developing that it can sometimes be hard to make sure that their bodies receive adequate nutrition.

Featured Child 10-14-13-1

LWB supplies boxes of fortified cereal to foster care children under the age of 24 months to help ensure that they receive the best nutrition available. Read more.

Full Tummies Make for Happy Babies!


Eight-month-old Cindy receives special Wyeth formula and iron-fortified rice cereal, thanks to the generous supporters of LWB’s Nutrition Program. Cindy has a great appetite; she can finish a full bottle and a full bowl of rice cereal. She loves eating and is sure to let her nanny know if she did not get enough food. Read more

Featuring the Preemie and Special Formula Fund

The medically fragile babies, like Vicente, in our healing homes have many needs. One of their most basic needs is good nutrition to help their bodies heal. For some of the babies, though, drinking a warm bottle of our standard formula isn’t a pleasant experience.


The nannies at LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home have been struggling to find a formula that little Vicente can tolerate. Read more

LWB’s Preemie and Special Formula Fund

Our Heartbridge Healing Home facility in Beijing is dedicated to helping some of China’s most medically fragile orphaned children. These children are provided specialized care to allow them to gain weight and strength before life-saving operations. Read more.

How It All Began: Orphanage Assistance and Nutrition

LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program has evolved over the years and is the parent program to LWB’s Nutrition Program program. Did you know that nutrition was actually the first program we began in China…even before Kang’s heart surgery? When Amy Eldridge first visited an orphanage in 2003, she wrote about how hard it was to see the toddlers eating just a tiny bowl of rice, and how they scraped down the sides to get every grain because they were so hungry. As she left that day, she pressed $300 into the hands of a trusted doctor and told him to buy the kids additional food. Read more.


We first learned about little Gracie when she was enrolled in one of our nutrition programs in Guangdong Province. As soon as we were sent her photo, we began to get opinions on how to best help her. We learned from several physicians who looked at her pictures that she was most likely born with a condition known as Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Children with this condition have issues with their facial structure, but they usually have normal intelligence. We first posted Gracie’s photo to our Facebook page several months ago, and the response was just incredible. Read more.

Jiangmen: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

These little ones, lined up to have their photo taken, are part of our nutrition program in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. The program started in 2011 when an adoptive parent brought to our attention the need these children have for nutritious formula.

Our program is small as it is new, but we serve about ten babies and toddlers. We send a shipment of formula quarterly and receive new photos of the children in return. With rising formula costs, it is becoming harder and harder to keep our babies’ bottles full! You can make a difference in the life of a child through a suggested monthly sponsorship of at least $20 per month or a one-time donation in any amount. Read more.