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Cambodia: Part Two

When I was doing research into some of the issues facing children in southeast Asia, I came across a book written by Robert Spires, Ph.D., on the prevention of human trafficking. Dr. Spires is a professor at Valdosta State University, and much of his research has been done in this region of the world. He was kind enough to set up a video conference with me to answer many of my questions, and thankfully as our call was ending he said, “Do you mind if I tell you about some truly incredible work being done for children in Cambodia?” And that is how I found myself being introduced to Sokleng In, a young man living in Cambodia, who is one of the most impressive individuals I have ever met in my life.

img_6214Leng and his beautiful family

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Happy Year of the Sheep!

The fireworks have been going nonstop in China to celebrate the beginning of Spring Festival  (Chinese New Year 4713). In honor of the change from Horse Year to Sheep, some of the residents of our healing homes donned a pretty adorable lamb outfit, although their reactions were a wee bit mixed.

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Closing the “ER”

This past week we had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our medical program to any new children with critical medical needs. The reason? Because we currently have so many urgent children on our website who haven’t been funded for their surgeries yet that we sadly cannot take on any more. I think most people who follow LWB’s work know that our medical program is run entirely by volunteers – amazing, giving, compassionate people who do this work because they want to help save lives – and so it is very hard to continue to have orphanages call us asking for help for their sickest babies, knowing that saying “no” means that child will most likely not survive. Saying NO to a child who is clinging to life…. well, I know you realize how terrible and gut wrenching that is. Read more.

LWB featured in NEED magazine blog

Love Without Boundaries was honored to be mentioned in NEED magazine’s online blog this past week at http://www.needmagazine.com/blog/2009/07/21/love-for-orphans-in-china/.

Amy Eldridge – 3rd Annual Reader’s Choice Smart Cookie Award Winner

Surreal is the word that we have been using all week….there is no other word to describe the events on Monday.


As you can see, little Juliana from the Kaifeng foster care program has quite a hold on both her foster mom and her bottle in this photo.

The Ringers

Who among us has not watched a child struggle with the challenges of the ageless stacking ring toy?

A Grandma’s Joy

Little Noah from Sanmenxia was born with an ear deformity, but he doesn’t need perfect hearing to know he is special to his foster grandmother!

Imagination Is His Middle Name

This adorable little guy is the life of the party. His favorite activity is making believe that he is a super hero.

Do You See It?

Daniel loved having his picture taken by a professional photographer. He posed and smiled like a little angel. But look closer—behind his beautiful smile and adorable dimples. Do you see it?