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Leighney and Teagan: Still Waiting in Shantou

Shantou girls Leighney

Two sweet girls from LWB’s Shantou Believe in Me school are waiting to find their permanent families. Please read on to hear more about Leighney and Teagan! Read more.

Kites Without Strings


Fang Lee, our summer intern in China, spent some time visiting the children and the director at the Shantou Social Welfare Institute. Read more

Big Brother Fynn

Five-year-old Fynn, whom we featured here in December, is still waiting for his forever family.  While he waits, he is learning all about how to be a big brother and part of a family, as part of LWB’s Shantou Foster Care Program.

Fynn is a very loving brother to Felicity, his little foster sister, and enjoys being a role model.  Read more.

Little Man Tate

Two-year-old Tate always has a smile ready when our foster care manager comes to visit his foster care program in Shantou!

This easy-going boy has lived with his foster family for over a year now, and he has become very close to them. Each day when his foster father returns from work, Tate runs to the door and greets him. Our manager reports that he is cherished by his entire foster family. Read more.

An Adoption Grant for Ben!

Some generous donors have stepped forward to provide a $2,000 adoption assistance grant for Ben, the 13-year-old boy recently featured on our blog (“Ben: Waiting a Decade for a Family to Call His Own“). Ben is close to aging out, and these donors want to help him find his family before it is too late. Ben’s orphanage has also agreed to waive half of the orphanage donation fee, making it just $2,500!

In addition to this good news, we also have some short videos of Ben to share. Read more.

Ben: Waiting a Decade for a Family to Call his Own

Can you imagine waiting for ten years for a family to call your own, only to never be chosen?

Ben, who has been a student at our Shantou Believe in Me School since 2004, has watched his friends be chosen for adoption over the years. He has cheerfully maintained his role as “big brother” to the younger kids at the school all the time, never letting it alter his happy outlook on life. However, his last chance for adoption is now here. He ages out in late July 2013 when he turns 14. This breaks our hearts as we feel he could bring so much joy to a family. Read more.

Welcome Back to School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

As the West starts to get into the routine of a new school year, so do the children in our Believe in Me schools in China.  The LWB Education team is proud to welcome back all of our amazing teachers and students for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  With over 300 students in our schools, we are a very busy program and are extremely excited about what this school year will hold for our precious and amazing children!  Welcome back….

Changde Believe in Me School

Read more.

Shantou SWI Physical Therapy Training

A few months ago LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program began working with the Shantou SWI to set up a special physical therapy training for the workers at the orphanage. A teacher from Hong Kong came to the orphanage to conduct this training for the orphanage staff. The staff reported that they learned a lot and felt the things learned would be helpful to the children for whom they care.

Physical therapy training

The staff was instructed in several hands-on approaches, including massage, speech therapy, and games to help the children. In the past they had been taught about PT skills separately and often on only a theoretical level. The teacher asked, “Does a baby learn to cry first, or shake its hands first, or shake its legs first?” Of course babies learn all these things at the same time. Likewise, the teacher asserted, PT skills should be taught to the children in conjunction with multiple skills at the same time, rather than on an isolated basis. Read more.

A Gift That Cannot Be Replicated

There is something about traveling at 556 mph and 33,000 ft. above the earth that always makes me reflect on the past. A similar flight occurred just over eight years ago, and I was nervous then as I’m nervous now. At that time, I was yet to be a dad, but that was all about to change. I had just kissed goodbye my very pregnant wife so that I could bring back our twelve-month-old daughter waiting for us in China. Read more.

A Visit to Shantou Is Like Coming Home

Returning to the Shantou orphanage is always like coming home to me. I have been visiting this orphanage for over nine years, and two of my children spent the beginning of their lives in this facility. This trip was especially poignant to me as the word “changes” kept swirling through my head. There are so many changes in China each year, both wonderful and somber, and my heart felt split in two as it soared with joy at moments but then also crumbled at the increasingly complex needs. Everyone with a heart for the orphaned has to face the reality that almost every child abandoned now has a medical need, and so the issues the nannies face are often immense. The days of orphanages being filled with healthy baby girls due to the one child policy are over, and yet that myth is still perpetuated in news articles and blogs. Read more.