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The Boys Who Wait


We are huge fans of the boys in our programs, and it breaks our hearts when we see boys who have been waiting for families for entirely too long.  It seems like ages now that we have been hearing that the shared list of waiting child files has consisted of 75% boys and 25% girls.  (The shared list is accessible to all agencies with a China Waiting Child adoption program.) No one seems to be able explain why families wanting to adopt are primarily interested in bringing girls into their families, but the fact remains that  approximately 3/4 of the children from China who wait for adoption are boys. Read more.

Daisy and Michael, Waiting Still

When there are so many children who are waiting to be matched with families each day, it is not uncommon for a child to be looked over a few times before the perfect family for them finally finds them.  Michael and Daisy are two such children. They have been waiting on the shared list for some time now and are currently in our education program in Chenzhou.  We are so excited to be able to share the news that their orphanage has agreed to WAIVE their orphanage donation fee for any families interested in adopting these children!


Daisy is nine years old. This little flower is full of self-esteem and independence. Her confidence radiates as she performs, and she immediately volunteers herself to be chosen to be in activities or performances at her special needs school. Read more.

First Steps of the Adoption Process: What Happens in China

Friends and supporters of LWB often ask us if the children we feature on our website or social media are eligible for adoption. While LWB isn’t directly involved in the adoption process, many of the orphanages we work with do participate in international adoptions. So we do know a little something about the basic procedures involved in registering a child for adoption in China.

PearlchopsticksPearl, who is waiting on the Shared List

For those who may be wondering about all of these different steps in adoption registration in China, we have included an outline below. Read more.

Niamh, Grandpa’s Girl

Niamh and grandpa smaller

When we pulled up to visit Niamh and her foster sister several weeks ago, we were greeted on the street by Niamh and her beloved foster grandpa. In October, Niamh, who has Down Syndrome, turned eight years old.  She wasn’t walking until very recently, and she was so proud to take her grandpa’s hand and march us down the block to her home! Read more.

Waiting Still For Families of Their Own

There is a person who needs you. This is your chance. ~Mother Teresa

John's heartJohn: $2,000 LWB Adoption Assistance Grant

In honor of National Adoption Month, we would like to shine the spotlight on some beautiful children in our programs who have been waiting for families of their own for far, far too long. Please share this blog far and wide in the hopes that their photos and stories will touch the hearts of family looking to grow their family through adoption! Read more.

Jonathan Shines

Five-year-old Jonathan has been in our Foster Care Program in Hunan since October 2009, when he was just two.  We first introduced him in 2010 in the blog, “Endearing Jonathan”, when he was just beginning to walk.  As we have come to know him over the years, we have seen him maintain his sweet spirit and charming personality while developing confidence in many areas.  Jonathan is now a happy, enthusiastic boy who attends kindergarten.

It’s hard not to be charmed by Jonathan as he performs a well-known Chinese children’s song in the video below called, “Ni Wa Wa”.  This song is about a doll who has no mother or father — just like little Jonathan. Read more.

Jacob, Future Chess Master

Adorable 7½ year old Jacob attends public school and joins the students at LWB’s Anhui Believe in Me School during the mid day and evening when he returns to the orphanage. We featured this humble boy in our blog last summer (“Humble Jacob“). Amazingly, despite his incredible personality, Jacob’s file remains on the shared list…waiting for just the right family to find it and fall in love!

Jacob is “all boy” as you can see from these two recent videos. In the first, Jacob is playing a game of  “Hawks Catch Chicken” with the little girls at the Believe in Me school.   Read more.

V is for Victor!

V is for Victory….or in our case, for Victor!  The name “Victor” has its roots in the word “champion,” and we think Victor is working like a champion these days. Little Victor has been waiting for a family for a year and a half — since we first got to know him as a student in our Believe in Me Changzhi School in July 2011. At the time, he was just two years old and was quite introverted and isolated, and it was difficult for our teachers to get to know his personality. However, Victor’s teachers have been very enthusiastic about his progress!

Read more.

Zane’s Adoption Grant Just Doubled in Size!

When Zane was found as an infant, he had blue lips and breathing problems. A doctor told the nanny at his orphanage that he most likely would not live past five years old. Under the watchful and loving care of his nannies, Zane lived to five years old and beyond, but doctors still told them that his heart defect was too complicated for surgery. Yet still, Zane fought to survive. He was nine years old when he was noticed by our medical team, and LWB Spain raised the funds to provide him with surgery that healed his heart. Read more.

Maybe 2012 Will Be Their Year

I saw you meet your child today
You kissed your baby joyfully
And as you walked away with her
I played pretend you’d chosen me.


Read more.