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Love Starts With Us

Just as mine is, Kelly’s social media feed is filled with images of orphans waiting in China. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes those little faces get lost. But in February of 2013, my friend didn’t scroll past LWB’s blog post, “Jenny, Jenny”. She read it and took a moment to share it, urging, “Jenny needs a family.”

1-13 Jenny 11

And our love story started there. With a keystroke, a friend introduced us to our daughter, and love came fiercely. Read more.

Words From a Thankful Mother

Zi Xuan and his twin brother were born prematurely on February 14.  Sadly, Zi Xuan’s twin passed away, and the surviving brother spent several weeks in an infant incubator in the hospital.  He was diagnosed with biliary atresia, which caused severe jaundice.

Zi Xuan intake 2

Zi Xuan’s father is the only able-bodied worker in the family, and he had to remain in their hometown in Guangdong province to work while his wife and newborn son went to Shanghai in search of medical care. Read more.

Specialized Formula: What a Difference It Can Make


In early March, LWB’s Nutrition and Special Projects Program learned of a family struggling to care for their three-month old daughter who was born with anal atresia. Little Yi Xuan has had her first surgery, but she needs to gain weight and grow stronger in order to have a needed second surgery. This has been particularly difficult as Yi Xuan’s intestines are not absorbing the nutrients she needs. Read more.

Fan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Fan is our Medical Program’s newest Unity Fund child. He has been struggling with intestinal issues and was recently diagnosed with megacolon.


He was seen in the local hospital, but when his condition worsened he was transferred to a hospital in Shanghai. Unfortunately his condition continued to deteriorate and the doctors recommended immediate surgery. The surgery happened in mid-April, but his parents are too poor to pay the full hospital bill. Read more.

Yi Xuan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Yi Xuan is one of LWB’s first Unity Fund children with anal atresia, a condition that we are seeing more and more of in the children that we help.

Yi Xuan-2

This little three-month-old has already had one surgery, resulting in a colostomy bag. Soon after surgery though, she developed an infection that was treated in Shanghai last week. Her poor family is from a very rural area in northwestern Gansu Province and has traveled far to find medical care for their daughter.
Read more.

LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2013: Kissing Mom

LWB learned of an extremely impoverished family who desperately was trying to get heart surgery for their son Tong. Thanks to our Unity Fund, we were able to heal this little boy’s heart. While he was in the hospital, we learned that his mother was dying of an untreated heart condition as well. She had never sought medical treatment because she wanted her son’s life to come before hers. One of our amazing volunteers asked her church to consider giving the gift of life to Tong’s mother as well, and her surgery was soon fully funded.


This poignant photo shows the moment Tong said goodbye to his mom before she was wheeled back to the operating room. Read more.

A Thankful Family

This summer, a migrant worker from Guizhou Province wrote us a letter requesting help for his son, Dalang. His baby boy was diagnosed with complex heart disease (CHD) when he was just three months old, and the family did not have the money to pay for the necessary surgery but were unwilling to give up. They heard about LWB’s Unity Fund and wrote requesting help (“A Father’s Plea for Help”). LWB supporters were moved and quickly came through, and Dalang was able to receive the surgery he needed to live a normal life.  DaLang’s father recently sent us these photos along with a letter of thanks.

Read more.

A Mother’s Desperation

About a month ago, XianRui began complaining that her tooth hurt.  After some time, her jaw began swelling on the left side and she began running a high fever. XianRui’s parents borrowed money to take her to the doctor and were encouraged to go on to the hospital in Kunming. By the time they arrived, she had an infection in her bloodstream, and doctors discovered that she also had TB.  

XianRui’s mother heard about LWB’s Unity Fund, which is designed to help families remain together, and wrote to ask for our help in getting treatment for her precious daughter. Read more.

Taking a Leap for Yue

Eight-year-old Yue lives with her parents in a mountainous area of Shaanxi province.  She was born with PFO, or patent foramen ovale, a heart condition, and her family is very poor and cannot afford her medical care.  

Yue 1

Her mother heard about LWB’s Unity Fund, which provides assistance to impoverished families, at the local civic affairs office.  So Yue’s mother and father gathered their daughter and began the journey to a hospital where they knew LWB works. Read more

A Family’s Letter of Thanks

Dalang 7-16-13  3

We recently received this moving letter of thanks from the family of Dalang, the baby we featured in our blog earlier this summer, “A Father’s Plea for Help”.
Read more