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Healing Sebastian’s Heart

When our team was identifying children for our November 2018 Cleft Medical Exchange, we learned about a little boy named Sebastian. Sebastian is seven years old and lives with his grandparents and sister in a remote part of Gansu province. His parents are migrant workers far from home.

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Domestic Adoptions in 2018

Each year, we see an increase in the number of children from our programs who are adopted domestically in China. In 2018, these children from LWB programs were adopted domestically and will grow up in the country of their birth!

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Waiting for Adoption in 2019

As orphaned children grow older, their opportunity to be chosen for adoption shrinks. Today we are highlighting 15 children from our programs in China who are currently waiting for a permanent home of their own. We believe that every child deserves a family. Even if you aren’t able to adopt, you can help by sharing this blog in the hope that hearts will be moved.

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Ending the Year with Our Top Ten Photos of 2018: The Top Five

Yesterday, we shared 7 of our favorite photos from 2018. Today, we hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the best of the best — our most-loved photos of the past year.

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Ending the Year with our Top Ten Photos of 2018

Every year we sort through thousands of pictures taken in our programs over the last twelve months to come up with our Top Ten Photos. In today’s blog , we are sharing two photos that we are featuring as honorable mentions and our favorite Photos 5-10. Watch for tomorrow’s blog where we bring you the Top Five!

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2018 Cambodia Cardiac Trip – Final Day

When we initially put together the team for our first cardiac trip to Cambodia, we set a goal to screen 350 children.  Since congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the world, we wanted to make sure that the children in our programs didn’t go undiagnosed.   Over the last several days, our […]

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2018 Cambodia Cardiac Trip – Inside the Slums

The city of Poipet, Cambodia is absolutely exploding in growth right now. Since most forms of gambling are illegal in Thailand, the building of casinos just across the border in Cambodia continues nonstop. In addition, a major railway project to connect Bangkok with the capital city of Phnom Penh goes right through this gateway town. Today our medical team visited the large slum area located in the south of the city, where hundreds of children live right along the railroad track.

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2018 Cambodia Cardiac Trip – Sokhem Village

When LWB first visited Sokhem Village in 2016, the majority of children living there weren’t receiving an education. It simply wasn’t safe for them to travel the long distance to the government school on their own. Most of the adults living in this area travel into Thailand each day searching for work, leaving the older kids in the village to care for their younger siblings. As we’ve reported before, the childhood malnutrition rate in this village when we first got involved was a staggering 75%.

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2018 Cambodia Cardiac Trip – Rangsei Village

Our cardiac team visited the children at the Rangsei Believe in Me school on their first full day in Cambodia. LWB’s Rangsei school is now officially registered by the Department of Education and has classes from preschool through sixth grade.

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LWB’s China/Cambodia/US Cardiac Initiative

Around the world, over 1 million babies are born each year with congenital heart defects, with Asia reporting the highest prevalence. Since LWB began by helping one little boy receive heart surgery, providing children with the cardiac care they deserve remains a key part of our charity work. Over the last 15 years, we’ve built strong partnerships with several pediatric heart hospitals in China, and so many lives have been saved with your support.

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