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Ripples to Rachael

Some of my favorite parts about doing this work for so long are the moments when we see the help given to one child go on to impact another. It’s like that beautiful analogy of a pebble being dropped in the water whose ripples go on to touch ever-widening circles. 

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Thank You From Our Cambodian Teens: Hope Through Higher Education

Two weeks ago, we asked for help from our community to send a cohort of 22 Cambodian teens to college.  Our community came through with flying colors! As a reminder, our higher education project in Cambodia provides college scholarships to rural teens who pass the national entrance exam for university and who volunteer regularly with our community programs. In the particular rural area where LWB is working, poverty is most people’s reality. Many parents put a great deal of pressure on their children to drop out of school to work in order to make a few dollars a day to feed their families. Only 18% of children in this region graduate from high school, and less than half of those will successfully pass the college admission exam.

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Thank You For Standing With Arwyn

In less than 24 hours, our supporters helped us fund Arwyn’s heart surgery! Arwyn’s mother recently sent us a heartfelt plea about the pressure she is under to abandon her son since he was diagnosed with a heart defect in addition to Down Syndrome. She is battling breast cancer and did not have the funds to pay for the medical care that he needs. We are so grateful that YOU cared enough to help a little boy with Down Syndrome in China when it looked like his family was out of options. Like us, you believe that every life has value, and every child counts.

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Aid for Arwyn

When Arwyn was born in rural China, his parents rejoiced. Their first son had died at age 11, and they did not know if they would be able to have another child. Arwyn’s birth brought the family new hope. When doctors confirmed that Arwyn had been born with Down Syndrome, his parents felt scared. In China, life is not easy for individuals born with this special need as societal attitudes can be harsh and access to education is almost nonexistent. However, they loved their son as he was and moved on with life. Doctors recently discovered that Arwyn has an ASD heart defect and needs to have heart surgery in order to improve his chances for a long and healthy life.

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Grace’s Determination

Have you ever thought about what the real meaning of determination is, especially when it comes to a child? I actually looked it up in the dictionary last week, and when I saw these words — RESOLVE, WILLPOWER, and STRENGTH OF CHARACTER — the very first face that came into my mind was Grace from Uganda. If you follow our work you already know Grace’s story, of a young girl growing up in a remote village whose stomach began to grow rapidly many years ago.  It grew to a point where she found it difficult to sit or even breathe, and her failing health caused her to drop out of school…an absolute tragedy for a girl with such an insightful, curious, and intelligent mind.

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Sending Life-Changing Wheelchairs To Kids In Uganda

We were recently able to deliver four wheelchairs to children with special needs in Uganda. Although it took over a year to get them there, their arrival has been truly life-changing for a couple of the children in particular at the Mukono Healing Home. Andre has been so excited to be able to get around quickly. He can push himself a bit, but he truly loves to be pushed around.

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Beginning Foster Care in Uganda

All of us at LWB believe so strongly that every child deserves to experience life in a family, so today we’re excited to share more about our new foster care program in Uganda. LWB has a long history of running foster care in China and then more recently in Cambodia, so we were eager to bring this expertise to Uganda and help provide children with family-based care. Traditionally, many families in Africa have readily provided informal fostering for relatives’ children or people close to them, but providing full-time foster care to a child whose parents and background are unknown is a very new concept to many in Uganda.

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Progress at the Sokhem Sibling School

We wanted to share some photos today from our Sokhem Sibling School in rural Cambodia because we’re so excited by the progress being made with this innovative program. First though, we want to share again just WHY this project is so important and why we believe it’s so critical that the Sibling School continues.

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Healing Home Hero of the Week: Terrific Tula

Ever since Tula arrived at our Heartbridge Healing Home, she’s been dazzling her caregivers with her boundless energy, bright smile, and sweet demeanor. Most babies are shy at first, but Tula has shown her bubbliness from the get-go. Like most babies, Tula entered Heartbridge with some delayed development. Since her arrival, she has been making great progress with learning new things. She enjoys choosing her own toys and creating sound effects with them.

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Bekah’s Watermelon Run 2018

One of our favorite fundraisers of the year is coming up in less than a month:  Bekah’s 4th annual Watermelon Run!  Bekah’s Watermelon Run+Walk+Roll is a 5K race in Colorado that welcomes participants to run, walk, wheel or enjoy a stroller ride along the accessible 5K / 3.1 mile course to raise funds for Love Without Boundaries Foundation and Biblia Global.

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