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A Healed Heart for Celine

Since her birth, Baby Celine had struggled with her health due to a lack of oxygen in her blood. She had been born with a complex hear defect which could not be repaired in her home country of Uganda, and we recently shared with you on our blog Celine’s Brave Fight that she would be traveling from Uganda to Israel for heart surgery.

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Waiting Children of 2019

Yesterday was the last day of National Adoption Month, a time to recognize adoptees and highlight children waiting for adoption. Today, we are featuring children we’ve had in our programs either now or in the past, in China and Uganda, who are currently waiting for permanent homes of their own.

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Stories of the Heart: Celine’s Brave Fight

They waved goodbye to their Ugandan home and boarded the plane, brave little Celine and her mama, and across the world they flew. Finally, a chance for healing for one broken little heart, and they took it with outstretched arms — nothing guaranteed, but with hope they flew. Celine’s brave mama knew beyond a shadow of a doubt: HOPE is worth the risk, worth the cost, and worth the time. She would do whatever she had to do to bring her baby girl hope, even if that meant leaving all she had known, her community and family back home, to go to Israel and enter a world unknown.

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Shopping Online? Help Kids At The Same Time!

The holidays are upon us, and many of us are beginning to seriously shop for gifts for loved ones, neighbors, teachers, and friends. Please remember that you can help children in need with just an extra click as you shop online through amazon.com. Love Without Boundaries is grateful to be a charity partner of amazon.com!

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McKade’s LWB Playrooms

When it came time for my son McKade to choose an Eagle Scout Project, he knew immediately that he wanted to do something for Love Without Boundaries. When LWB announced they had been granted permission to put two playrooms in two Chinese children’s hospitals, McKade really wanted to help. His brothers and sisters have special needs and spend a great deal of time in hospitals, and the Forever Young playroom there makes their time in the hospital very enjoyable. I recommended to McKade that he raise the money needed for one playroom ($5,000), but he was ambitious and wanted to raise the funds for two.

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Stories of the Heart: Chairs4Change, a Unity Initiative Partnership

From rural villages across Anhui, we hear the stories, over and over again. Stories of deep love, of great courage, and of sacrifice beyond comprehension — families willing to do whatever it takes to find hope for their child. Tia is one of these children. She and her family walked into the local hospital, hearts beating hard with nerves. The doctor listened to her heart & hooked her up to all sorts of machines she had never seen before — measuring each thump, the strength of each beat. He shook his head and delivered the devastating news:  “Your daughter was born with a complex heart defect and will need surgery to live. She will not survive without. What would you like to do?”

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Meeting Ifan

While traveling in China recently, I took the opportunity to take a side trip to meet a very special boy. Ifan had been part of the Love Without Boundaries foster care program since he was a baby. He lived with a wonderful foster family and was particularly close to his foster father. They would work in the courtyard garden and look at cars together. Ifan really loved visiting the neighbors in the small community in which they lived.  Then one year ago, his orphanage recalled all the children back to the institution, and Ifan lost the security of living with the family he loved.

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Waiting Child Wednesday: Brian Christopher

In 2012, a shy and serious little boy named Brian Christopher entered our Believe In Me Huainan education program. He did not have the confidence to speak to the teachers and was quite tentative about getting involved in the activities at the preschool.

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Down Syndrome Love: Without Boundaries!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. All month, we’ve been celebrating the many incredible children in our programs who were born with Down Syndrome. On the final day of October, we are putting them all together to showcase how down-right amazing they are!

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Benjamin: Grumpy No More!

Born in the late fall of 2014 in northern Anhui, Benjamin soon joined our Heartbridge Healing Home for extra love and care to prepare for cleft surgery. He was a beautiful baby with the crabbiest set of eyebrows, and LWB volunteers loved to see new pictures of “Grumpy Benjamin” in our email inboxes each week.

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