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Help Needed for Lorelai

Four-year-old Lorelai lives in the rural countryside of central China with her father, who is raising his two young children as a single dad. Lorelai’s mother sadly left the family when the hardships of living in extreme poverty became too much for her to bear. Now Lorelai and her family are facing yet another heavy challenge.

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2018 Impact Report

LWB’s 2018 Impact Report is now online, and we’d love for you to visit our webpage and read about some of the wonderful things you made happen last year. We’ve included Six Big Things we loved celebrating in 2018, as well as one child’s story from each of our major program areas. When you read about Mya, Megan, Evan, and Noah, we know you’ll be cheering their successes along with us.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Update on Colton

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we’re sharing updates on children served through our Unity Initiative. This program, for kids in poverty who were born with medical needs, is bringing hope to rural families. On our last blog we shared about little Anneke and how her surgery will now allow her to go to school. Today we want to update you on Colton, a handsome little boy who just had his second birthday. Colton had heart surgery back in May during LWB’s first cardiac surgery exchange in Anhui province.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Update on Anneke

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we want to bring you updates on two children who were healed through LWB’s Unity Initiative. This program helps keep families united by providing life-saving surgeries to children living in poverty. We receive requests every single month from families desperate to provide medical care to their children, but who have no financial means of doing so. The letters they send us are often heartrending, as was the one written by seven-year-old Anneke’s mom.

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Tiny Palmer’s Fighting Spirit

Several months ago, we received a call from an orphanage in Anhui asking for help with a one-week baby boy. This newborn, born with Down Syndrome, was struggling to breathe. The orphanage suspected baby Palmer had pneumonia.

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Maria: 13 Years Old and Waiting for A Family

This week, Maria turns 13 years old. In China, this means that she has just one year left to find a family before she is no longer eligible for adoption. To help raise awareness of her situation and the limited time she has left for adoption, LWB is offering a $3,000 Adoption Assistance Grant

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Healing Sebastian’s Heart

When our team was identifying children for our November 2018 Cleft Medical Exchange, we learned about a little boy named Sebastian. Sebastian is seven years old and lives with his grandparents and sister in a remote part of Gansu province. His parents are migrant workers far from home.

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Domestic Adoptions in 2018

Each year, we see an increase in the number of children from our programs who are adopted domestically in China. In 2018, these children from LWB programs were adopted domestically and will grow up in the country of their birth!

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Waiting for Adoption in 2019

As orphaned children grow older, their opportunity to be chosen for adoption shrinks. Today we are highlighting 15 children from our programs in China who are currently waiting for a permanent home of their own. We believe that every child deserves a family. Even if you aren’t able to adopt, you can help by sharing this blog in the hope that hearts will be moved.

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Ending the Year with Our Top Ten Photos of 2018: The Top Five

Yesterday, we shared 7 of our favorite photos from 2018. Today, we hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the best of the best — our most-loved photos of the past year.

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