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Jack: From LWB’s Education Program to Life Skills Camp

In 2014, a boy named Jack entered our education program in the Lanzhou orphanage. Jack was nine years old and suffered from hearing loss due to an ear malformation. When he first joined our school program, he was a bit mischievous and didn’t always understand the rules of the classroom. However, his teachers were so proud that he quickly caught on to how things worked and was often the first to raise his hands to answer questions.

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Journey to Odisha, India: Part II

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to visit several locations in the impoverished western region of Odisha, India, meeting with a wonderful local charity called YCDA. With limited resources, they provide essential support to orphaned and vulnerable children. During my trip, we were given permission to visit several local orphanages.

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Journey to Odisha, India

LWB’s work in India to date has been primarily in the medical field, helping with rural medical care and partnering with Mission Smile for cleft surgeries. Our hope for many years has been to expand LWB’s foster care model from China, Cambodia, and Uganda to help orphaned children in India as well. While it’s difficult to get an exact count on the number of orphaned children in India, a number frequently cited is between 20 and 25 million. Less than 1% of those children will ever find a permanent home, leaving countless numbers to spend their entire childhoods in crowded institutions. We would love to do our small part to help change that, as we believe every child born deserves to be raised in a caring family.

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The World Is Better With Me In It: Life Skills Camp 2019

We are less than three weeks away from the start of the fourth LWB-hosted Life Skills Camp in Beijing for orphaned teens who are close to or have “aged out” of institutional care. This week-long camp will bring together children from nine orphanages around China for classes on important topics such as adolescence, money management, and personal safety. In addition to the daily classes, the teens will also go on field trips to important cultural landmarks such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City.

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The 2019 Cleft Medical Exchange: Meet Our Team!

This year’s Cleft Medical Exchange in Lanzhou, Gansu, China is a blending of previous and new team members. We are so thankful to have both those who are returning and those who are joining us for the first time as they each bring their unique skills, experiences, and passion for helping children to this exchange. Some of you might remember that Dr. Lisa Buckmiller adopted a little girl named Gong Lu from China whom LWB helped bring to the US for medical care in 2006. (The remarkable story of Gong Lu is told in the LWB book, The Heart of an Orphan.)

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You Got A Smile So Bright: The 2019 Cleft Medical Exchange

During last year’s Cleft Medical Exchange, we met a baby girl born with cleft lip and palate named Faye. When Faye’s family brought her to the hospital in Gansu, she was just eight months old and one of three daughters in a farming family. To make additional money to support his little girls, Faye’s father made noodles in Beijing, so he rarely returned home to Gansu. However, Faye’s dad wasn’t about to let his baby girl have surgery without him, so he traveled 1,500 km to be with her.

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Dreaming Big To Keep Families Together

This year, spring has brought several precious rural children into our care, and we would like to introduce two special children who recently received life-saving heart surgeries through our Unity Initiative. One of the goals of our Unity Initiative is to help prevent future abandonment by desperate families who have no way to provide the medical care their children need.

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Danna’s Big Dreams

Several weeks ago, we introduced our community to a remarkable and resilient young woman named Danna. When Danna was younger, she and her sister were forced to go to a shelter when their mom was unable to care for them, and it was at the shelter that Danna was able to attend school for the first time.  Her teachers soon realized that she was a natural learner and teacher.

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Dreaming Big With Julia

Sometimes you meet a child who has the ability to instantly touch the hearts of everyone she meets. Julia, from our Uganda foster care program, is one of these children. Charming Julia has cerebral palsy and a speech impairment. She lives with a large foster family who is extremely supportive of this beautiful little girl who was born with special needs.

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Reaching the Children Who Live in Hard Places

At LWB, we often work in regions that are challenging. Our projects in the border region of Cambodia are in an area known for trafficking, addiction, gambling, and crime. Children here are often afraid to trust…that they will be safe, that there will be food at home, that they will get a chance to go to school versus having to drop out to endure child labor.

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