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Cleft Surgeries for Three Orphaned Boys From Henan

This summer, we were contacted by an orphanage in Henan about three little boys in need of cleft repair: Finn, Ben, and Keaton. Precious Keaton was born with a cleft lip and palate. Already six months old, he is struggling to put on weight, which is unfortunately common for children born with cleft lip as they can be difficult to feed.

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Life Skills Camp 2019: City Adventure and Farewell Dinner

Our 4th annual Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens has been filled with laughter, learning, and JOY. The final day is always bittersweet as the teens reflect on what they have learned, the friendships that they made, and the put their newfound skills and confidence to use. On the last day of camp, the teens get to practice many of the skills they learned this week in communication and self-esteem by navigating the streets of Beijing.  This “Big City” adventure is always a challenging but very fun ending to the camp.

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Life Skills Camp 2019: Summer Palace Visit and Joy at the Beach

The fun and learning continue during Days 4 and 5 of our Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens. As you look through these photos of their adventures at the imperial Summer Palace and the beach, you can’t help but feel the excitement of the campers as they explore, learn, bond, and grow.

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Life Skills Camp 2019: Exploring Beijing

On Day Three of our Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens, the campers were so excited to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, two of the most famous cultural sites in all of China. Since Tiananmen Square is located just outside of the Forbidden City, it’s a great place to kick off the tour for the teens.

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Life Skills Camp 2019: Day Two Fun

The second day of our 2019 Life Skills Camp for older orphaned teens began with special lectures and lessons prepared by our wonderful facilitator, Mr. Guo. Mr. Guo has led the lessons during several past camps. He connects very well with teens and does an amazing job presenting topics to teens in an age-appropriate, fun, and engaging manner. He is able to take very important lessons, such as the topics of self-esteem and peer pressure, and incorporate games and stories to make sure the key points are easily remembered.

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Life Skill Camp 2019: Introductions and Icebreakers

We are so excited to share with you this year’s Life Skills Camp for older orphaned teens where the message is always, “The World is Better with Me In It”. On Sunday, over 40 campers arrived in Beijing from 8 orphanages around China. Once everyone signed in, badges and backpacks were distributed in addition to camp shirts.

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Last summer we were contacted by Stella, a mother in Uganda who was concerned about her ten-year-old daughter, Treasure. Treasure had recently been diagnosed with a type of severe scoliosis called kyphoscoliosis.   Just about a year before reaching out to us, Stella noticed that one of Treasure’s shoulders was much lower than the other. She attributed it to the heavy books that Treasure carried in a shoulder bag for school and didn’t think much about it. A few months later, she noticed that Treasure had a bulge at the top of her back and was unable to straighten her back at all. She rushed her to the doctor, who attempted to use bracing to slow the curvature. Unfortunately, Treasure’s spine continued to curve rapidly, putting her internal organs and heart function at great risk. 

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LWB’s 2019 Cleft Exchange – Day Six

Our 2019 LWB cleft team would like to send one final hello from beautiful Lanzhou, China. The gorgeous Gansu countryside We welcomed a very special guest to the cleft trip last night, a kind and caring woman named Ms. Xu.  She was the wonderful orphanage director who made it possible back in 2006 for Gong […]

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LWB’s 2019 Cleft Exchange – Day Five

Today was the last full day of surgeries for our team in Lanzhou, and the hospital ward was brimming with children all recovering from their cleft operations this week. Handsome Peyton It was time to say goodbye to some of the wonderful kids who had their surgeries at the start of the trip, such as […]

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LWB’s 2019 Cleft Exchange – Day Four

Day Four is a wrap, and after being taught by the Chinese hospital team how to make homemade dumplings tonight, we can update everyone with very full and happy tummies. We’ll just say we’re not going to quit our day jobs because this isn’t exactly how a traditional Chinese dumpling is supposed to look, but […]

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