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$10 can save 10 lives.

Next week, we have set Jan 22/23 as a one day Facebook fundraising day to help complete the funding for baby Yang’s heart surgery. You can find our Facebook Cause through this link http://apps.facebook.com/causes/view_cause/51591.

With the Facebook challenge ending on Feb 1, our Director of Operations, Sheri Russon, came up with the perfect way to encourage our friends and family to help with the Facebook Challenge:

$10 can save 10 lives.

It really is that simple. A $10 donation can in turn allow us to finish the Facebook Challenge in first place, and can allow us to use the $50,000 prize to SAVE THE LIVES of ten innocent babies born with heart disease who are struggling to survive.

Please tell your friends and family about this wonderful opportunity in front of us. I just can’t even begin to tell you the deep sadness that each of us at LWB feels every time we are given the news that an orphaned child’s heart has stopped beating for the last time. We have cried so many tears knowing we were too late, and even more knowing that a child died as an orphan. It is so horrible to know a child has died alone……without having a mom or dad to hold them when they are hurting or afraid.

We really can do this….but we need everyone’s help. Let’s all be a part of something BIG! Let’s work as a united team to give life to ten children who will not survive without surgery.

Let’s show 10 tiny babies who have been abandoned that they ARE important and that they are not alone. Let’s all step out of our comfort zones in the next week and ask at least 5 friends to donate $10 to save 10 children’s lives.

It is NOT about “winning” or the money to us, even though we have to keep bringing it up to finish the challenge in first place. It is about the very real fact that there are orphaned children dying with medical needs right this very minute….and how wonderful it would be that through this unique challenge, we can change 10 of their lives forever.

Thank you everyone! Remember…..$10 can save 10 lives. Let’s do this together and know we were a part of something truly GREAT!

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