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Heart Babies Update!

LWB has a special spot in their hearts for any child who is struggling with heart disease, since our foundation began when one beautiful little boy needed heart surgery.

Now we routinely are sent the files of heart children in need of life saving surgery, and this week we celebrated 3 success stories. Dr. Li in Hangzhou is the heart surgeon we use most often and he is truly a miracle worker. With his 98% success rate, he has helped change the course of many children’s lives.

Yan, from Anhui, suffered a heart attack a month ago. She was in critical condition and we weren’t sure that she would make it through surgery. On Tuesday, she had the first part of a two part surgery – the BT (Blalock-Taussig) shunt procedure. This procedure creates a conduit between a large artery to the pulmonary artery and this will help to increase blood flow to her lungs. She is in currently in ICU and is in critical condition, but she is doing VERY WELL!!!! She has been extubated and is now breathing on her own. Her situation was SO serious, but Dr. Li performed a miracle. She will need to have the second part of her surgery in about 6 months, but this surgery is very complicated. We will keep you updated on her.

Another child, Xin from Jiangxi, had been placed on an adoption list in the US. After doctors in the US reviewed her file, she was deemed inoperable and her file was returned to the CCAA (The Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs). Many parents who had seen her file and loved the sweet smile of this three year old contacted us to see if there was anything that could be done. Once again, we sent her to Hangzhou Children’s Hospital where she had a heart cath done to determine the severity of her heart defect. Dr. Li thought he would be able to heal her. He performed the first stage of a staged surgery, the bidirectional Glenn procedure. After this first heart surgery, her orphanage is redoing her paperwork and should be updated next week. The CCAA has agreed to send this child’s file to another agency so she will have a chance to find a family. We are so happy that this first stage was SO successful and this child who was thought to be inoperable has now on her way to being healed!!

Baby Ming, who had a large VSD and severe pulmonary hypertension, was hospitalized for 20 days with pneumonia. This sweet little girl from Hunan was so sick and we didn’t know if she would make it though her illness. The doctors at Hangzhou Children’s Hospital watched her closely, treating her with many antibiotics. She finally was healthy enough a week ago for her heart surgery and her heart is now healed! The doctors at Hangzhou are also planning to heal a hernia she also has and after this procedure is performed, she will be totally healed. This little girl has waited so long to feel healthy and strong. We are so grateful that she will soon be feeling SO much better!

We are truly grateful for the support of our sponsors that helped to heal these children, the thoughts and prayers that got them through their surgeries, and the wonderful skills of Dr. Li.

“Every Child Counts”

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