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The love of a foster mom……

Recently, one of our babies we were trying to help in Henan was very, very sick. Little Fei was in and out of the hospital with tonsillitis and pneumonia. He would be discharged, only to get sick again. He wasn’t feeding well and was very weak. Over and over he was taken to the doctor but he just couldn’t seem to get healthy.

LWB decided that the baby would have the best chance of becoming stronger if he was in a one on one foster care setting, so an ad was placed in the local paper asking for possible families to come forward. “Granny” was one of the first people to respond. This elderly woman rode on her tricycle for 10 km from her apartment to the orphanage in order to submit her application to “love a baby”. When she met Fei, she was so taken with him that she asked to take his measurements, and the next day she again made the 10 km journey by bike, but this time she carried with her a new baby blanket that she had custom made the day before for Fei. Once again she pleaded with the staff to please be able to be his foster mom. The orphanage was so moved by her dedication to help that they chose her to foster little Fei. The day she took him home, he was still very fragile. But in just one month, he is now healthy and strong. His foster mom is determined to make him the healthiest little boy possible, and so she is feeding him 8 times during the day and 2-3 times at night as well!

Granny is so in love with her foster son, and is giving him very special care. When her neighbors heard that she was caring for an orphaned baby, they all came to visit and fell in love with him as well. Now they have all donated clothing for Fei. All of us at LWB are so grateful for the tender care that our foster parents give the children. For many children, foster care is simply essential, as it allows them to truly bloom and grow.

We always have many children in need of foster care sponsorship. If you would like to help give a child their very own “mama and baba” to love them, you can visit our foster care page at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/FosterCare.html

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