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A Nutrition Success Story

When the aunties found the tiny baby outside their gates, she weighed just 1.5 kilograms. She was the tiniest baby that had ever come to the orphanage. Quickly, they examined her and placed her in the incubator, and they slowly began to tube feed her with the gold standard formula we had provided them. Everyone that came into the room would stand at the side of the incubator and shake their head, thinking there was no way she could survive. But she did.

She continued to be fed with the best formula possible, and her aunties made sure she was fed at every opportunity. She went from 3 pounds to five pounds to 10, and she earned her nickname of “little miracle”.

Today, she is healthy and happy child who loves music and her aunties. We will all celebrate when she eventually finds a family, and we know you will love seeing how much she has grown!

EVERY child counts!


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