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A Beautiful Child wants a Family!

There is a beautiful two year old girl waiting for a family of her own on an adoption list. Her orphanage loves her so much and says she is extremely smart.

This little girl has a nevus on her face and scalp. Immediately after seeing her pictures, we wanted to do everything we could to help her – there was something about her face that called to us. A sweet innocent child, lovingly being held by an auntie. After sending her picture and file to many doctors, they all said the same thing, she was very treatable, but would require multiple surgeries. Just to verify everything was alright, we had an MRI done – everything was fine.

During her evaluation in Shanghai, our facilitators met and were so taken by this little girl. She loved to play and was very outgoing. In no time she was busily playing with her new friends. They commented on what a happy, fun child she was! The only time she wasn’t happy was when they went to leave – she wanted her new friends to stay and play some more! Our facilitator said, “She’s a lovely and energetic baby. Hope she’ll find a family soon.” We do too!

For more information on this child, please contact [email protected]

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