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Pre-Op Day for Gong Lu

We had a wonderful morning at Children’s hospital. Dr. Buckmiller did an extensive exam and then said the operation is a go for Wednesday. She said it would be challenging but not life threatening. Dr. Buckmiller will do her best to remove all of the growth and begin reconstructive surgery. She gave a very hopeful prognosis. Gong Lu was a very good patient. Director Xu was appropriately concerned about the safety of the operation and the outcome. Gong Lu asked about if it would be painful. The folks at Children’s did a good job of reassuring them both. The operation will take about four hours and she will only stay in the hospital one night. Gong Lu is in good hands.

The Today Show crew was there to film the comings and goings at Children’s. I have heard that a segment will air about Gong Lu on Wednesday. I don’t know if that is correct but you might want to get ready to tape just in case. Gong Lu is ready to be a TV star and is not at all afraid of the camera.

We went shopping today at the local mall for a little while—literally everything we looked at was Made in China. Ms. Xu brought Jim and I some beautiful hand stitched items from China. I also think she is experiencing sticker shock at prices.


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