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Weekend after Surgery

Gong Lu is even perkier today than yesterday. She would so much like to smile but the bandages and swelling get in the way. The swelling is going down more and more each day.

After dinner, Gong Lu opened presents that have been sent by so many caring families. She shared her toys with everyone giving each of us a gift. We all thanked her so much. Later I gathered up her new toys, clothes, dolls and other presents and I slipped the toys of hers that she shared back in with her things. At bedtime, we took everything down to the room she shares with Ms. Xu. A little while later, I went by the room and she and Ms. Xu were sitting happily on the floor playing with all the toys.

On Sunday afternoon, Gong Lu went to an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the Chinese community. Gong Lu soon got the hang of finding eggs and the treats inside. Everyone was so impressed with her new look even with the stitches and the drain tube.

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