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Back to the Doctor

Her swelling has greatly reduced but it will take weeks maybe even months to completely go down. Her skin is still bruised and that will take awhile to return to normal color as well. Dr. Buckmiller thinks one more cosmetic surgery and some laser is all that will be needed. The hope is to either bring her back to Children’s (our hope) or for Dr. Buckmiller to treat her when she is over there in October. Gong Lu got her drain out and soldiered through it without a whimper.

This morning she sat on my lap and we looked at the blog on the computer. As we went through the pictures—you could see she was so interested in her old face and the change. As we looked at each picture—before and after—I taught her to say “beautiful girl, beautiful girl”. After awhile every time her picture came up, she’d say beautiful girl. It was a lovely sound as she truly is beautiful from the inside out.


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  • Rebecca Brubaker says:

    We are all praying for you and especially for Gong Lu. The Today Show is on and you should be any minute. Here’s praying that her family finds her today.