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New Gong Lu Pictures!

What a difference the surgery has made in for Gong Lu! She is still healing, but we just love to see the wonderful changes taking place!

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  • mayas mommy says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to the doctor who helped this little girl. My daughter too has a hemangioma on her nose. We had thought all along that when my daughter turned 18 months she could have surgery to fix her nose. This last week she turned 18 months and went for her check up and we found out we have to wait at least another 6 months to a year. Your story gave me hope for what my beautiful daughter will look after surgery. It’s really hard to go anywhere with her. People can be so mean (Especially Kids). My daughter has been on steroids for 6 months and that was able to stop the growth. They need her nose to start shrinking on its own before they will do surgery. Her nose is not as big as Gong Lu, but I can imagine what she has gone through.

    Thanks again for telling your story and God Bless.

    If anyone needs support for going through this you can email me or contact the Hemangioma & Vascular Malformation Clinic @ Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio 513-636-6228

    Amy Hoff

  • Bev Upshur says:

    I saw the segment on the Today Show about Gong Lu, and what a beautiful little girl inside and out!! I was so touched, for 50 years ago this past Dec. I had similar surgery for an hemangeoma(sp)within my right cheek that was growing so fast they feared it was heading to my brain and would kill me. Operative procedures were very different 5o years ago, and I had surgery every 2 months until I was two(skin grafts & revisions). Growing up I had several for cosmetic improvement. I know first hand how beautiful she will become on the outside, and how this help now will forever make her “different” in the most wonderful of ways… a positive can-do attitude with a lifetime of desire to share with others the love and concern shown her. I too have lived that most wonderful of lives. There was no rganization like Love Without Boundaries or others helping children here and abroad with facial deformities, But living in Richmond, Va., my parents were referred to the most fantastic plastic surgeon of his time, Dr. Leroy Smith. He never charged my parents a dime for office visits except pennies for bandage costs( and I LIVED in his office until age 2!) We were fortunate enough to have hospital coverage, but for those who did not, Dr. Smith gave a day a week of free reconstructive surgery to the Children’s Hospital! He was ahead of his time. One of my joys is that he was able to meet (by chance)my one year old daughter, 23 years ago, before he died.He saw the full circle. Now, my daughter and son are grown, and I am in my 20th year of working with visualy impaired babies and their parents through an Early Intervention program in the DC area. My husband and I fundraise as a hobby for non-profits, giving away our profits from our fashion jewelry buisness. I would love to fundraise for Love Without Boundaries.
    I hope we be able to follow Gong Lu as she grows and continues to blossom. Thank you for sharing her story. Let me kow if I can help this organization in any way!
    Bev Upshur