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Visiting Shantou
My trip started off in Shantou,Guangdong Province. I visited the social welfare institute to see how the children and teachers of the school programs are getting along. Shantou is dong wonderfully.

The staff in Shantou is absolutely lovely. When I arrived they couldn’t wait to show me the little ones and how they are learning some Basic English and songs. The teachers take their job of evaluating and assessing the children very seriously. We talked about ways of stimulating and motivating the children to learn. The teachers and LWB are continuing to pursue a Montessori Method. And, talked about adding some sign language signs to their curriculum.

One of the highlights for me was seeing several children that will be adopted soon. I took lots and lots of photos and told them over and over “mom and dad” are coming soon. I so look forward to seeing these little ones home with their families. And, as they are adopted more children can move into the preschool program..a double bonus.

I took great delight in meeting the PAL girls and older children. I had given each of the girls a postcard from Washington DC/Virginia. On each card I wrote one word of the sentence: Study hard, learn and listen to achieve a bright future. Then, I told the girls that they would have work together to put their cards in the right order to “solve” the puzzle. They did! And, they had fun doing it. The girls then all settled down to write notes to their sponsors. It was fun helping with the spelling of the words in English. All the girls had fun writing.

My second day was fun school supplies. Wal-Mart was a fun stop.so much the same except the dried fish and jasmine and other specialties to buy near the front door. Then, we got a good electric piano for the teachers who do a super job teaching the little ones with music. Finally, we bargained for some needed furniture at a shop across the street from the orphanage. It was a great feeling seeing the supplies delivered to the orphanage just before I left. There’s no doubt that they will be put to good use for the children.

Linda Mitchell
Shantou Education Director

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