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Emily’s Story

Here is another heart story to share during our Art Auction where 100% of the proceeds will help to heal heart children. Here is another one of our success stories . We hope to raise funds to heal 12 children just like Emily! See our website for details.

Emily entered the orphanage in 2002 at the age of 3 and already was a very sick little girl. She was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, but there were no funds available to pay for the surgery she so desperately needed. She was not able to participate in intense activites, the staff said, and it made her very sad to see the other children who could. Because of funds raised by LWB volunteers, Emily was able to have her first heart operation in China in March 2003.

The American surgeon, Dr. Max Mitchell, and some of the medical staff referred to her as the “little blue girl from Shantou” as she was so blue from lack of oxygen. As a result of that successful surgery, Emily was finally well enough for adoption.

Our family received preapproval to adopt her in July 2004 and brought her home in March 2005. She is such a bright, caring, energetic young girl who loves life and learning. Once here in the US, it was determined that a second surgery would be needed to complete the life saving repairs begun in China. Emily faced this with the same determination and courage as everything else, and the hospital staff was amazed at her spirit.

She is in kindergarten now and is working hard to learn English and catch up with her peers. She participates in gymnastics and dance, and brings great joy and blessings to our family. None of this would have been possible without the funds supplied by LWB, and because of the foundation’s work Emily has a chance for a future.

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