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The Miracle of Yi, an Art Auction Child

As we prepare for our Art Auction where 100% of the proceeds will help to heal heart children, We would like to share one of our miracle babies healed from the 2004 Art Auction. See our website for details on this year’s auction.

The following story is from Yi’s Momma. Since she wrote this story, Yi has had two heart surgeries, one on 4/22 and the other on 4/28. The fighting spirit of this little girl has pulled her through both.

As I spiritually prepare myself for my daughter Hannalee Jia-Yi’s upcoming surgery, I am reminded of how I first came to know and love this precious child that God has chosen for us. Yi is from our middle daughter Delaney’s orphanage and she was born with very complex heart defects. I first learned about her prior to her first surgery sponsored by Love Without Boundaries. She was one of 5 children that was able to have surgery due to the funds raised thru the 2004 Born in my Heart Art Auction. Little did I know as I prayed for this group of children, that one day I would be a Mom to one of them.

Yi’s condition was so critical and complex that she had to wait for just the right cardiac surgeon to arrive back in Guangzhou to perform her surgery. Here is a post from Amy following Yi’s surgery:

“Well, I believe that God was in the operating room today with baby Yi. Her
surgery was so complex, and hasn’t been done successfully very often.

IT WENT PERFECTLY. She is doing so well now. Even the doctor who did the
surgery is amazed. :-)”

Her heart condition requires a series of 3 different surgeries to reconfigure her blood flow. Within a month after bringing her home, she had her 1st Cardiology workup at the University of Michigan. It was determined then that she would need to have surgery to repair the shunt in her pulmonary artery that had been placed during her surgery in China. This would mean that she would still need 3 open heart surgeries. That surgery was performed in September and she was in intensive care for a week with many complications. But once again, God was with her and we were finally able to bring her home 12 days after her surgery. Now it has been 6 months and hopefully she is ready for the 2nd phase of her surgeries. Once again we will travel to the University of Michigan for her next surgery on March 24th.

We are so thankful that she was able to have her 1st surgery in China thru LWB since it enabled her to live long enough to be brought home to America where she can get the advanced medical care that she needs for her heart condition. Without her 1st surgery, she would not have made it this far. Thank you Love Without Boundaries for this Gift of Life for my daughter.

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