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A Gift from an Orphan to Orphan

Heart surgeries…..we always have heart children to heal. No matter what orphanage we talk to about helping kids in our medical program, we always are asked to help at least one child with heart disease. These surgeries cost between $3000-5000 and are so important because they save lives every time.

The “3rd Annual Born In My Heart” Auction, being held from May 17-22, was created just to raise money for these children. Every year, we have been able to help heal more children with heart disease. This year, we hope to heal at least 12 children and the link to our auction will be right on the main page of our website. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to help heal these children.

This year’s auction is extra special. Why? We have the most beautiful paintings created by orphans within orphanages to help heal their friends. One such orphan we met last year on our Sept Cleft Trip. This young woman, named Miao Miao, was such a wonderful help to us all. Miao Miao was 19 and had a special need, severe scoliosis, but that did not stop her! Everyday, we saw her cheerful face, ready and waiting to help us. She was our most requested translator, speaking perfect English. Everyone loved Miao Miao and her spirit. She was there in the beginning, helping us with our set-up and worked 10 hour days along side of us. She touched everyone on our cleft teams and as a special thank you for her work; our cleft teams bought her a bike. Her bike had been stolen when she had back surgery and was in the hospital for 6 months. She hadn’t been able to get a new one. Our team, so taken by this sweet and cheerful young woman, was only too happy to give her something so meaningful. There wasn’t a dry eye when she received this special gift – she was SO touched. Everyone will always remember Miao Miao and how she helped us.

Imagine our surprise when we received beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, peony paintings from her orphanage to be used in our auction, signed by —– Miao Miao. This young woman watched us heal heart children in her orphanage last spring and then cleft children in Sept. She wanted to help the orphans she lives with the only way she could, with her beautiful art. Wait until you see these absolutely beautiful paintings with China’s national flower, the peony, given by a young woman who knows the true gift of love.

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