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You Made the Auction a SUCCESS!!

WOW!! Is all I can say …the response to our annual Born in our Heart art auction has been phenomenal!!! Thank you all who won a prized piece and thank you all who didn’t but kept the momentum going!

The team behind this auction have spent months preparing, the excitement mounted as the auction came to a grand close, daily tally’s of the total were cheered on. More than one volunteer could be accused of not putting their full effort into their “regular” work that day as they constantly clicked on the bidding wars J

But most of all the idea that more children could be helped turn Pink was the urge for donors, LWB team workers and bidder alike.

SO …. Drum role the total of $57,000 plus is not the final total. YES can you believe it, we are having inquiries from generous folk that they want to “up” their bid amount. UNBELIEVABLE!

One winner has just added the price of a heart surgery to their total …yes you read right – a full heart surgery!

Included in this number, is the money raised by the children in China who donated their art – both the orphans and the school children. Together, their paintings and pictures raised $4473. Enough for one heart surgery!!

Now many behind the scenes volunteers are working to get those items out to you the winners. Two of the key players are meeting this weekend for a “wrap-a-thon”. The home will never be the same again …empty, void of paintings, books, clothes and beautiful Asian items J They will fill their heart instead with the joy of knowing everyone did their bit to help the children.

So THANK YOU all our supporters, without YOUR wonderful push to tell others and generous bidding we cold not help the children.

Yes this has been a fun way to work together for the children we love.

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