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What a truly wonderful day! This trip to visit my foster care program filled me with joy to see all the love poured into each and every child in this 30 strong program.
The children were so connected to their foster parents watching carefully that they stay close by. Once again I got to meet the folk who work so caringly to give the children a great start in life. One mom showed me all the sweaters she had knit for her girl …an array of colourful work. Another showed the “adapted” mobile of a Chinese lantern now swinging above the crib. I delivered the gifts of baby cream, bath cologne, soap, fever medicine and towels paid for by the adoptive families worldwide with children adopted from the same orphanage …some of the children past foster children of these same homes I stood in.

The foster parents eagerly scanned the collage I presented them with, commenting on the smiling faces they once cared for. Nana …that wonderful Nana … Rushed to the window to study the photo of her girl only 2 months gone from her arms but not her heart. She turned to me and wiped a tear freely falling, a grin so wide on her loving face. This kind lady has cared for 2 children now in the USA and currently pours her love into a new cleft affected baby – no better home for this little angel! I was delighted to see the cleft bottles carried from the states by the adoptive Mom of this Nana’s last foster child were now in use by this sweet granny – what a circle of love!

As our group wound it’s way from building to building to climb the many stair to the apartments we passed lots of local colourful life … woman knitting and men playing cards, noodles drying and children playing – everyday life.

Chatting with another foster mom I learned that her “Princess” would only go to sleep if she lay down beside her and stroked her cheek. The families all had little snacks laid out for us to nibble on, peanuts, fruit, cake and watermelon were frequently offered and shared by all! At each home I delivered a little gift from Ireland and noticed that last years toy gift was still there and well used.

One of the children was in the local hospital so we stopped by there to say hello before calling into the orphanage to meet with the older kids. I was delighted to see a whole floor now empty of babies – all the young children are now in foster care. Yes the orphanage have worked hard to find these loving homes where the children will reap the benefit of one on one care!

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