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Going the miles for their smiles!

What a super-de-dooper day to coin a phrase from Dr Seuss! The Flora Ladies Irish 10K mini-marathon 2006 brought the sunshine out in Dublin city PLUS over 40,000 woman all running, jogging, walking or crawling for their charity of choice. Of course our little band were walking for LWB!

Fun started on the DART (rail) transport into the city centre. Every station stop saw woman pile on sporting their “attire” mainly the T-Shirt of their organization. The laughter upped a decibel when these women appeared – fully made up with blue eye shadow and rouge …. Well they were supporting a good cause!

Have you ever been in a crowd that size? …sure you couldn’t make your granny out and they could be through the starter line at the same time.

Jane and I slowly moved sideways towards the “media stage” as we advanced on the balloon festooned arch for the “off” (that took us 15mins!). We WANTED the guy announcing all the various charities the women were fundraising for to see US and shout LWB from the pulpit! Suddenly Jane nudges me .. “aha! That’s how he can read the T-Shirts …they have spare ones to hold up! – Take off your t-shirt, quick!”
Well I know I have done some things to help LWB – but shirt off? 2 secs later I’m walking holding her Camera close at the ready to take the shot. Voila! He spotted the T-shirt (not me – I did have a vest) and shouted “Love without Boundaries ….helping to heal children” Gosh that felt so good! I discovered later that fellow LWB Walkers heard the announcement and didn’t see us – I told you that was one BIG crowd!

It was such an emotional feeling to be amongst all these woman moving forward with their hearts set on having a good day, sharing the fun and laughter and raising funds.

So many incredible foundations being helped ….40,000 woman all with love in their hearts WOW!Friends walked side-by-side all-be for different causes!

That arch of balloons looked good as we picked up speed 10 strides out from the finish line…. Some of us beating last years time by 10 min (ahem cough cough)

I am still getting funds in from those that went the miles for the children’s smiles.
One walker emailed me “Two years ago yesterday we collected Fu Liang’s photo from the Adoption Board and then it all began, it seemed fitting to be in the same district doing the walk on Monday.The girls at Heiton Buckley have been fab and I must single out one lady in particular – Mary O’Brien who so far has raised E1,400 approx on her own and is still not finished. This lady is a legend in our company for her tireless efforts at fund raising, we are so lucky she chose LWB this year!

Ester Carol & Kim from Carlow

I am Proud of the Irish and their efforts to help the children we love in China receive their cleft surgery.

Go raibh maith agat gó leir
Xie xie ni men
Thank you all!

Julie Flynn Coleman
Vice-President LWB

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