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Remember Me…
Working in the orphanages of China has caused me to re-examine all of the things in life that I take for granted. I honestly think that each of my children has at least 1000 photos of themselves as kids, especially since the invention of the digital camera, where you can snap away like crazy for no extra cost at all. I have boxes full of photos, stacked every which way in my closet.

Each and every day I look at one particular photo, however, that means the world to me. It was given to me by a very special young lady in China, who has been orphaned her entire life. She was never given the chance at adoption, and now sadly, she is considered “too old”. She has lived her entire life so far without having a mom or dad, and each time I go to China I truly look forward to spending time with her. Each time I bring her a small gift she looks surprised, and she blushes the most amazing shade of pink when I hug her and tell her how happy I am to see her.

It was on my third visit to China that she came up to me shyly and pressed a small photo in my hand. I don’t know if everyone realizes how precious photos are to the orphaned children in China. Many kids have just 1 or 2 photos of themselves. Sadly, I have met children who have none at all. No parent has their photo proudly displayed on a fireplace mantle. And so when I looked down and saw the photo in my hand, that she had taken from her room to give to me, I at first said I could not accept it. “No…..” I argued, asking her to please keep it for herself. “It is too important to you”. But she kept pushing it back to me and finally covered her hand with mine, looking at me very intently. “For you”, she said……”so you will please not forget about me”.

I had to turn my head to blink away my tears. Please not forget about me. REMEMBER ME. All any child wants is for someone to look at them and see them for the special people they are. There are thousands and thousands of children in China who will never be chosen for adoption, and who will never have their photo on someone’s wall. I wish there was a way to tell them all that we DO remember them…..each and every day. But since I can’t, I will always treasure this photo that was given to me by a very special young lady, whom I will never forget. And I will look at my own kids’ photos and realize how blessed I am to share their lives. I am humbled every day at the experiences I get to have working with the children in China. They have taught me never to take anything for granted…..not even the simple act of taking someone’s picture.

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  • Denna says:

    Great Post. You have made me need some tissue. It makes me want to go back to China and give another child a forever family. That was one touching post.

  • Amy says:

    Thank you so much for asking about this special young lady. She was not able to be adopted as a baby because her orphanage did not begin international adoptions until 2000, and at that time, they were only placing younger children. Once they realized that families would indeed adopt kids who were 10 and up, she was too close to the age of 14, the maximum age for adoption from China.

    This young lady has a skin disorder (an absence of pigment) which has caused her to hear hard comments her whole life, but it has not stopped her one bit! She is determined to be a teacher, even after many schools turned her application down because they felt she looked too different. She finally got a spot at a technical school where she is studying elementary education, and her dream is to intern with the Montessori curriculum. We are hoping to send her first to a one week course in Montessori this summer, and then if she likes it, on to Beijing for a full year’s training. She studies English every single day, and while often shy….she can converse with us in simple sentences when we visit. Everyone who has met her has been touched by her beautiful smile and gentle spirit. We are so proud of her!! (and of course tell her every chance we get).

  • Grace Reyes says:

    Who is this special young lady who was not given a chance at being adopted?
    Grace in Miami