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Summer Camp Update: Henan Playground
Things here are going really well. We’ve been working incredibly hard. You know I got here and saw the “garden” and was pretty shocked because it was much more untamed and much LARGER than I had expected. On Monday we started clearing the space in a huge way and getting rid of all the unfriendly plants to kids. Myself and 7 others were working on that project and I couldn’t believe it- in one day we cleared half the garden and got it ready for the next steps. Once I got here, I got the vision for what this space could be and have enjoyed being a “landscape designer”!!! Hah! luckily, we had an expert come in and he took a look at the space and gave suggestions as well. So, I would say what we are doing now is Phase 1 of potentially 2 phases. Just today, there were 2 girls on the swings having the time of their lives and it was such a joy!!!!!

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