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The Love of a Family…. Xinjiang is a remote province in the far North West of China. Love Without Boundaries partners with a UK charity, The Good Rock Foundation, to offer foster care to 30 children. We are currently seeking sponsors for 10 of the children. For just $25 a month you can sponsor one of these children and give them the chance to know the love of a family of their own. In return you will receive 3 reports a year of your sponsored child. That is not quite as many reports as for our other programs due to the remoteness of this province. Because of this, the foster care sponsorship price is lower. These children desperately need their own Mama and Baba so that they can reach their full potential.

So far we have seen wonderful results with the Xinjiang program. Children who were struggling to even hold a toy are sitting, walking, and bonding to their caregivers. One such little girl, called Qi, was born blind. When she was placed in foster care, she was clearly depressed and displayed signs of attachment disorders. Now she is happy, playing, navigating the house with ease and has clearly grown very attached to her foster family. She is being loved, nurtured and is thriving in her new home. This is just one example of the beauty of foster care and we thank all our sponsors for their part in this. Several of the children recently received cleft surgeries funded by the Chinese government’s Tommorrow Plan and one child had spinal surgery to remove a meningocele. Additionally, seven children from our program have been adopted in the last year to families, and we are happy to report that two of them were adopted by their local foster families!

All of us at LWB realize so completely that well monitored foster care is an absolute blessing to these children, as they get to experience the feeling of belonging. Thank you to all of our sponsors who are giving these kids the gift of family. Please visit our foster care sponsorship page at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorFosterCare.php to learn how you, too, can help a child in this wonderful way. The Xinjiang children are the ones where foster care costs $25 a month.

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Allison! It’s great to hear from the mom of that darling little boy and know that he is doing well. Please complete this “Request for Information” form found here on our website and we’ll be happy to check to see what we have!

  • Allison Farrelly says:


    The beautful boy in blue pajamas holding the bear is our son, Ryan Tian Farrelly. (Now a very energetic 6 year old living with his family in Michigan) He was adopted in 2008. Would you have further information or photos of him? Trying to complete his life book. He was born with a cleft lip & palate.


    Allison Farrelly