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We received wonderful news this morning, that all of our team members have arrived safely in Hefei, Anhui. After such along trip, we are sure they all are tired and in need of a good shower and a good night’s sleep. It is such an incredible site to watch a group of strangers begin to bond and grow together to form this incredible medical team, that will forever change so many children’s lives.
The first children scheduled for surgery have all arrived and are all doing well. In just a few short hours, the surgeries will begin.
One of our board members, Julie Flynn-Coleman stopped this evening to share her thoughts:
We’re on our way and so excited. Every time I step off the plane in China I feel connected to the people and marvel at the adventure about to unfold.
From sipping Wulong tea to eating Hunan chille food I soak up the surrounds and look forward to the next moment.
Tomorrow starts the first surgeries, the advance party have already seen the first children and were busily arranging supplies needed of diapers and baby formula … yes work has begun even if the main group are only now landing in Hefei airport at 10.30pm.
Wake up calls are arranged for 5.30M, breakfast for 6am and in the hospital at 7am for the main group.
I wonder how the children are finding all this ….are they sleeping peacefully unaware that the new day brings with it a new smile?
Tomorrow awaits….

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  • Saunagirl says:

    Omigosh! Who is this little cutie? Will she be having surgery? Her sparkling eyes and HUGE smile have captured my heart. Please give us updates on her!