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2014 Teacher Training: Moving Right Along!

The 2014 Teacher Training  is moving right along!

teachertraining2 4 2014

On the second day of the training, Mary Beth Doerr showed teachers how to stretch and position children with cerebral palsy.

teachertraining2 2014

Carol Mauermann demonstrated how to construct and use a light box to help students strengthen their visual skills. She also presented about how to teach math concepts. Leah Sophrin taught the teachers how to make visual schedules, which are pictures that tell students what they can expect during an activity or school day. The children from the Believe in Me school in Shaoguan came to school in the afternoon, and the teachers helped them try the learning activities that had been demonstrated in the morning.

teachertraining2 6 2014

On Friday, topics included using wordless books and pictures to help improve students’ understanding of language and increase vocabulary. The students enjoyed working on folder activities to show how they could complete counting, matching, and a variety of other tasks.

teachertraining2 7 2014Tony, who had his cleft palate repaired last November, now has a family coming for him!

They liked playing in sensory bins and making play doh with beans and rice textures.

teachertraining2 3 2014Many of you may remember Harley from our April cleft exchange, having fun on the right. Wearing blue is Grace who had her cleft palate repaired  last November and will soon be adopted!

If the amount of rice on the floor and play doh in the hair were any indication, the children had a wonderful time learning!

teachertraining2 2 2014

The adults giggled a few times, too, as they sewed rice and beans into stuffed animals to make them weighted to help the children who need sensory assistance.

teachertraining2 5 2014

The day ended with Mary Beth providing more instruction to school and orphanage staff about working with particular students who have different physical effects from cerebral palsy.

In the evenings after the workshops, the team has been thoroughly enjoying spending time with the teachers and staff while eating delicious local specialties. The team has also been learning many Chinese words and phrases from their LWB colleagues.

The final two days of the training should be full of even more useful topics and enriching experiences.  Thanks for following along with us!

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