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2015 Teacher Training Has Begun!

Teacher training teams A and B have arrived at their first locations! LWB’s three teacher training teams collaborate with teachers in our Believe in Me (BIM) Schools about how to better meet the needs of students with a variety of abilities and challenges.  Yesterday, Team B visited the Believe in Me orphanage school in Changzhi. The fun has begun!

TT2015 Day1

In the morning, Tracey and Mary Beth from Team B observed the students as the teachers taught lessons they had planned using the book Rainbow Fish.

TT2015 Day One4

They made additional suggestions for lesson plans and consulted with the teachers about the needs of particular students.

TT2015 DayOne2

TT2015 Day One3

After eating lunch together at the orphanage, they had a short and well-deserved rest. In the afternoon, the team held workshops with the teachers addressing cerebral palsy and sensory needs students may have.

TT2015 Day One5

After dinner with Susie and Cindy, our wonderful managers in China who also translate for our team during the trainings, Team B planned tomorrow’s schedule.

It was a long but productive day, and both teams are looking forward to their first full night’s sleep since arriving in China.

TT2015 Day One

They will be back at the Believe in Me Schools first thing in the morning for more sharing and learning.

TT2015 Day One Alma

We will bring you more tomorrow as Team A visits our healing homes and Believe in Me schools in Anhui!

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