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2016 Life Skills Camp

Over the last twelve years, we have been honored to help teens who grew up in orphanage care but were never matched with permanent families. These young adults will usually end up on their own sometime between the ages of 18 and 24, and our hope is to do whatever we can to help best them prepare for that day.


As part of our initiative to help these older orphaned teens, last year we held our very first Life Skills Camp – and it was a resounding success! This camp will center once more upon the theme, “The World is Better With Me In It.”


Approximately 40 campers from orphanages around China will attend class sessions on topics such as etiquette and social skills, alcohol and drug use, self-esteem, sex education, money management, online safety, and self-defense.

LSC Classroom

They will also take field trips to important Chinese cultural sights such as the Great Wall. Throughout these experiences, they will build friendships and learn the rewards of helping one another.


During last years’ camp, one of the most special moments was when the campers received letters from their sponsors. They were so touched by the encouragement they received and enjoyed learning about the lives of people from around the world who cared enough to help them have this life-affirming experience.

LSC 2015 letter

We encourage all donors to write a letter to their child early in the summer so that it can be translated into Chinese and presented at the beginning of camp. For many of these teens, it was the first letter they had ever received!

Lynn from Anhui wrote this letter to her sponsors about her experience at last year’s Life Skills Camp:

LSC Lynn introductionLynn introduces herself at the beginning of Life Skills Camp

Summer camp was so interesting! Your kindheartedness has allowed a helpless kid with low self-esteem like me gain confidence and motivation to press forth!!! During my time, I enjoyed many wonderful things. I tried many tasty foods. I learned about social etiquette, computers, sex education, and women’s self-defense…I will definitely write about this! When I am able and have financial backing, I will definitely come take part in this great foundation.

This year, the cost of sponsoring a camper is $350. This will help with their transportation to and from their orphanage to the camp in Beijing, meals, housing, classes, and field trips. Donors will receive a donor certificate and an opportunity to send a letter to their camper,. They will also receive a letter in response from the camper describing their experiences and access to photos and reports after the camp has ended.

LSC 2015 jumping

Last year’s campers report on what a life-changing experience the Life Skills camp was for them. Evelyn from Anhui wrote:

This summer camp had a great impact on me. First it made me go from being a child with feelings of low self-esteem to becoming a person with self-confidence. Afterwards, it also let me become familiar with real friendship and cooperation. In the end, I also learned how take the initiative to help people. All in all, I really want to thank the foundation for being able to give me this chance to go to summer camp. When I am able, I hope to attend this summer camp as a volunteer.

LSC Evelyn GreatWallEvelyn, seen here with her new friends on the Great Wall of China

We are beginning to receive photos and information on the teens who have been selected to attend camp this year. The following hopeful campers are just a few of who are waiting to be sponsored for this fabulous opportunity:




Here’s hoping for another wonderful experience for this year’s campers!

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