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2017 Cleft Bottle Campaign

Babies who are born with cleft lip or palate often have difficulty gaining weight. This leads to babies with cleft being diagnosed as failure to thrive and even sadly passing away. We are hoping to prevent this problem by bringing cleft bottles to children in Asia.

As we began working with cleft babies in China, we found that special, squeezable, bottles, which are so vital for helping cleft-affected children get adequate nutrition, were not readily available.

We ran several successful cleft bottle campaigns in China, and now we are working with Smile Asia to purchase bottles for cleft-affected children throughout Asia. In order to be eligible for cleft surgery, babies must weigh at least 5 kgs, or approximately 10 lbs.

These special bottles will be given to families who are hoping to bring their babies to our fall Cleft Medical Exchange. In addition, the bottles will also be distributed to orphanages with cleft-affected children.

We have seen the impact of these cleft bottles on children in China. They really work and make it possible for children to thrive and heal.

Please consider making a donation to our Cleft Bottles for Cambodia campaign. Your donation of $3 will help us to buy 1 specialty cleft bottle, a gift of $18 will make it possible for us to provide 6 bottles, and $60 will bring bottles to 20 babies who are cleft-affected and waiting for surgery.

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