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2018 Cambodia Cardiac Trip – Rangsei Village

Our cardiac team visited the children at the Rangsei Believe in Me school on their first full day in Cambodia.  LWB’s Rangsei school is now officially registered by the Department of Education and has classes from preschool through sixth grade. 

In Cambodia, most government primary schools are half-day programs, but since we offer additional classes in English, music, art, and computers, our schools run all-day.

Having a full-day program also allows us to provide a daily hot lunch to our students, which is a critical part of the program since chronic malnutrition is common in this region.

Since we have over 200 children registered for classes in Rangsei Village this year, we knew our team would be busy!

The older students warmly greeted our medical team

Our goal today was for every child at Rangsei to have a heart screening done. One group of doctors took the job of doing the initial stethoscope screens, with a second doing more in-depth checks. Since it was the first time most of the kids had ever seen a stethoscope, we got some pretty serious looks from our patients.

Thankfully the babies brought to see our team seemed pretty relaxed about it all.

If the doctors heard anything suspicious during the initial check, the child then received an echocardiogram on the spot to hopefully rule out any possible congenital issues.  

All of the kids did a wonderful job listening to the doctors and following instructions.  While waiting for their turn, we had some serious playtime going on, including rock/paper/scissors (beloved the world over) and building with blocks (okay….actually bricks…..but they work the same!)

Our team heads next to Sokhem Village to screen children at our primary school and early childhood center there. We’ll share more photos then.  Warmest wishes from Cambodia!

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